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Revenant [Q] Defile vs. Gadgets

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Quite a long time ago now, Revenant's Defile buff was changed to not expend a charge when attacking structures, since it has no effect on them. However, the ability still wastes a charge when attacking gadgets and wards, despite this having no effect as well. I've always found it a little annoying. Could it be changed as a quality-of-life feature?

If there is a balancing reason for this issue, please enlighten me as to what it is.

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I bump this up because this topic is interesting and I approve it.

I've tried several attempts to different heroes with similar mechanic (Prophet and Ravenor to name a few) and the result are:

  • Prophet lost the charges when hitting wards (pretty understandable knowing the ability boosted attack speed).
  • Ravenor kept the charges when hitting wards (looks like Revenant should be able to be like this, though I guess Ravenor self usage of the ability was the case).
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If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:

Alternatively, visit this blog below to see the compiled version of the threads/posts I made on this Official HoN Forum:

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