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Just want to create some discussion about Moraxus. The hero is underrated and have less usage, less unique.

--- His Stat and skill ----




  + Full 4 active spell with pk core items, one of the spell is spam. But the hero have 1.7 intel gain per level. Make his mana pool and mana regen is serious problem of this hero

  + Not much item to build, compare to lode stone or Armadon. For morasux, keep closing to enemy is important than everything.

Quake (Q): Stun all enemies around you

 + The spell seem fine. No ideal what should change

Arcane Shield (W): Active to block a next target or projectiles spell

 + Passive give Moraxus physical armour, and active to block next target or projectiles, most likely used to run and block projectiles.

 + The bonus damage give after the block done is less usefull because mora doesn't have any way to deal damage but keep throwing his axe. Unless you build codex and make the perfect block all the time?

Mores Axes (E): Throwing a axe.

 + Max stack slow is 3. 45% movement slow ( Armadon is 4 stack and max slow ms is 68%)

 + Cooldown 1.5s but duration is 3 seconds. Mean If you miss the axe two time, you'll lose all the stack slow (amardon is 5 seconds and cant miss)

 + Damage is .... good? dont know

 + Recharge 5s, can spam at lv 4 but when it lv 1 or lv 2, plz hope moraxus dont throw miss.

 + immobilize 1.5s when reached 4 stack, but there is high chance that Enemy run aways before you can reach 4 stack, the duration is very short

Matraxe (R): Creat a shield that can be Explode

 + Good spell, but i really hope that the spell won cancel if i denote it. Just reduce shield hp to 0 and cant active second times

 + Staff of the master is the joke. I mean, the axe can miss or hitting creep. Are you kidding me?????






 + Tanky and danger in when he is around lv 5-11. But in long game, his power reduce very fast

 + Any magic immunity buff will make him super useless.

 + If he miss his axe too much. He dumb-ed

 + Against mobility heroes like sil/mb, he is no match.

 + Shaman's Headress cut half of his damage, make he hard to deal damage against tanker

 + Not good when you want busted someone else.

 + Farming and Defense wave creep is serious problem. 

 + Need a serious calculator on his mana pool, mana regen if you dont want to be a sandbag


Strong Point:

 + Aggressive play style, can chose between damage or survival basic on situation

 + His damage output as a tanker is little high if he sacrifice his shield with less self-destruction than lode stone

 + He is like all rounder hero. Not too strong, too weak or too good on anything.

 + Tanky without items, allow him to buy other items before buying tanky items

 + When active mora's shield, there are a rare chance that enemy's damage cant pass through his shield so Mora can use pk when he have enough time





  - Give his axe retrain effect when hit but remove the immobilize effect, increase max stack or duration

 - Make his Ultimate can active seconds time to explode but dont remove the shield (or give this effect to staff of the master)

 - Reduce bonus armour to 2/3/4/5 but give hp regen 1/2/3/4 so he won be force to buy Hp regen and focus on items fit with his kit. (Strength, mana regen, mobility)

 - Make the axe deal 50/100/150/200 damage or 2x damage to creep so he can use it to farm.

 - Make the axe have 2/2/3/4 charge so it won feel dumb at lv 1-2?

 After playing him a few match after a long times. I still feel like buying tank items on moraxus in complete a waste expect Barriel Idol. Current, I build table, phase, Pk, toxic claw, energize so i can easy chase or run


Edited by w3_StarBoy

HoN SEA Player

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I like how moraxus is at the moment. Don't think he needs any changes.

But I do feel like he could get a small change on his Q ability, like swapping damage for extra stun time

If you feel like moraxus is too weak, try maxing axes, and you will see he is not weak at all ?

The princess is always in another castle

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2 hours ago, w3_StarBoy said:

Moraxus: Cry in corner ?


Really, look like no one care about him. 

Well, he's still strong pick on current tourney so he doesn't need any buff yet IMO. Though, I like the suggestion you proposed but axe at level 1 and change of armor on 2nd ability.

I think the current number of axe provided at level 1 is fine because Moraxus still can utilize it to last hitting creep. Also, health regen + armor suggestion on 2nd ability will be too good to Moraxus.

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Ah i Forgot to report this but

 - Moraxus W doesn't block the stun from Blitz

This bug exsit from the beginning but because I rare play moraxus, I complete forget it ?

Edited by w3_StarBoy

HoN SEA Player

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19 minutes ago, w3_StarBoy said:

Ah i Forgot to report this but

 - Moraxus W doesn't block the stun from Blitz

This bug exsit from the beginning but because I rare play moraxus, I complete forget it ?

Every time it's after I post the patch notes.


I can squeeze the fix in for another patch.

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