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Can we give magebane some love?

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I honestly think it's just the meta. 2-1-2 has replaced jungle/suicide to a large extent, and magebane is weak in most 2v2 lanes.

This is compensated for massively by his late game effectiveness, and his incredible farming speed with a runed cleaver due to his blink. 

He's just not a very "meta" pick at present, but he can still be very effective once he gets rolling. You just can't pick him against deathball lineups because he won't be able to contribute much to early fights. 

A great example of when he is actually viable is when the enemy team picks up a legionnaire jungle (which should be happening more now with the HP potion/bottle changes which speed up legio's farm even more). You're likely going to be against a suicide, which means free farm, and unlike with most carries, legionnaire can never solo kill you, because by the time taunt ends, he won't have the mana to ult you. 

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