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5man group QUE vs SOLO que - Should not be allowed

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Here is my explanation why 5man group que should not be paired in TMM vs SOLO que.

match ID : 159814902

match ID : 159815279

Both games i was SOLO que ( you can see different names ) and same group of 5 people who were team playing the entire game. Meanwhile i had brazilians or some werid language speaking folks ( prob 2man or 3man que ) . If this is allowed then game is dead.

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not enough players to tell people they cant 4 queue or have a fair match making system in that regard.

I couldn't tell you how many of my accounts go from 70% winrate to 60% because I reach diamond then go against 4-3 queuers every game.

My answer over the past 3 years has been to keep my rating around 1700 then you will rarely run into this problem. Or queue EU. Regardless I think your fighting a lost cause; play another game like I have if it becomes too much.

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