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Engi wrong mine selection on "select previous unit" command

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Guys, you rejected and closed this bug report but it is still happening (https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/topic/1244-engi-wrong-mine-selected-on-previous-unit/)

(ElementUser, your screenshot is showing selection of hero+mine which is not case that I described)

Maybe you didnt understand what is wrong. 

I have disabled "autoselect summoned units". So when I place mine, I use "select previous unit" to select last planted mine to trigger it. AND that works well in 90% cases..

BUT SOMETIMES, when I have 4 mines at one place and after a while I try in battle to place mine and trigger it immediately, It doesnt select last one but some mine from that 4 mines group. Even if I trigger that one from the 4 mines group and use select previous unit again, it will again trigger mine from the group and not the last mine I planted. 


Please dont close this topic before double checking.

Is there any way to send you match id, replay, video, etc...Can you check from replay which commands I triggered? Otherwise, I dont know how to present that bug to you.


Engineer is the hero that I play the most, and this can be really frustrating sometimes. 

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When I play as Engineer in practice mode and start placing a whole bunch of mines there does not seem to be any real bug. The hotkey that you reference is in fact previous unit, not select previous unit. There is no such hotkey as select previous unit. I do notice that the previous unit hotkey does not necessarily select the last mine planted by Engineer, though it seems to me to be working as intended. The default hotkey for previous unit is SHIFT+TAB.

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