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Clarification on refusal to participate?

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I'm curious at what point sitting one one or 2 items with a huge gold hoard becomes refusal to participate? or if it falls under a different category?

Got to experience 2 separate midwars games today where team mates had one or 2 items and were sitting on well over 6k gold

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Refusing to buy no items at all does full under refusal to participate.  However for a GM to ban someone for what you described they would have to determine, whether the player in question, is saving for an item, or deciding what item build the player might go for or simply just saving his/her gold. I do believe it's clear as day, if said player does indeed keep 1-2 items and  huge amount of gold for the entire match or majority of it and does not buy any items or spend the gold, that they are up to no good and intentionally griefing. 

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Well, it's understandable if he wants to buy a higher tier item of great value, at some point he will buy a piece from it, I mean you can pretty much decide by yourself and see, if he did that to buy an item or just doesn't want to participate, there were cases when the player who did that was a beginner, there are many aspects to see if he is really griefing, either new player or he does that for a certain strategy. it should be pretty obvious to spot the grief thought,  his play style, his behavior towards his teammates etc Most of the time players who stockpile over 6k golds, are refusing to participate. If you want a second opinion on this @XoRt`, I could watch those replies and discuss it with you, if you want that then just add me on discord `Shattered#7277 or pm me here on forums.

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