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When the scout puts his ward, I can see it, is this by design?
Why does the immovable character put an invisible ward and for 0.5 seconds I see him, I just walk up and take off, it seems to me not logical and unnecessary.
When I played it, I, being in invisibility, did not feel any inconvenience. However, I recently played against Geomanser and noticed such a thing, being in invisibility, he sometimes comes out of it just like that for a split second, no, we did not have a ward, he did not stand close to any character, he just seemed to would get out of invisibility for 0.3-0.5 seconds. What is it for? maybe I don’t know something, now playing as a geomancer I cannot feel invisible under the "E".
Night hound
This character has been causing me resentment since 2012 when I started playing this game. He is constantly buffed, buffed items that work perfectly on this character, if they suddenly decided to nerf him, they will definitely give him something in return, then they will understand that the nerf is inconvenient, they will remove the nerf that was introduced, and the buff that was left in exchange ...
as a result, his passive skill "Backstab" began to inflict not + 100% of agility in the back, but 120%.
His ultimate began to learn not on 6/11/16, but on 1/6/11.
His ultimate is now 3/9/15 agility.
And here I don’t remember exactly, but it seems that earlier it was impossible to throw the hatchet, remaining invisible, but now it is possible.
As a result, these buffs at level 11 began to give the character a short time to escape in invisibility and 15 attack speed, 15 attack, 15 * 120% = 18 attacks from the agility bonus in the back and + 20% from the rest of the agility in the back. And he at level 11 without items has 49 dexterity, a buff from 100% to 120% gave him somewhere else 10 damage in the back. In total, in a face-to-face battle, he received 15 attack speed and 15 damage, and when struck in the back, he received 43 damage.
Think about it ... +43 damage at level 11, isn't that a lot for an up? apart from convenience, like invisibility from level 1 and a quick exit into invisibility.
But I have already written about this before and maybe even more than once, and I was always answered, there are counter wards, there is Bound Eye, there is dust, there are characters Thunderbringer, Tarot, Berzerker, Pestilence, Rampage, Solstice, Scout, Blood Hunter, Bushwack , Gunblade, Geomancer who can see the hound, however ...
Firstly, nobody cancels the possibility of the hound picking the last pick.
Secondly, he is not the only character with invisibility, and I don’t see gifts in the form of +43 damage + 15 attack speed, infinite invisibility for other characters of the invisibility category.
He is so much OP that they are not even interested in playing. As a scout, you must monitor your mana consumption early in the game, you have 6 seconds between re-entering invisibility. Playing as Grinex you are guided by small dashes in invisibility, having 2 charges, you must push the target, hitting it on something. As a geomancer, you should not come close to your target, so that they would not see you, moreover, your invisibility is temporary. When playing Fayde, you have the choice of either attacking the target unnoticed, or moving away from the target in invisibility, you have no chance to re-enter invisibility. Playing Madman, you just have invisible runs like a grinex.
But what do we do as a hound? We put a huge cloud in which everyone has silence and a chance to miss, jump to someone behind their back, inflicting gigantic damage even without combat items and just hit running targets in the back, while having a 5 second blink that will allow you to escape by jumping on a creep, ally, or other enemy, as well as which will not allow the enemy to escape.
To begin with, this is also a character with invisibility.
However, I am confused by the fact that this character can be heard when he is jumping in trees.
And I have a double feeling, as if only I were playing with the sound. When I play as this character, I attack targets imperceptibly, they do not even pay attention to the fact that someone is nearby, in principle, as it should be. But when he plays against me, I just don’t understand what chances he has of killing me? I can hear him and I know that he is near, I can use dust, I can just walk away, I can use Arcana Bomb and punish him. What I mean is ... why is the character so helpless? when they talk about the hound, everyone always tells me how easy it is to control it. But what can you say about Goldenvail, which is known about when he is around, and when there is such an OP item as Arcana Bomb. It's cheap, it destroys illusions, it cuts down a huge area of the forest, while stunning Goldenveil for 4 seconds, like?
Therefore, Arcana Bomb, Logger's Hatchet, Andromeda, Zephyre, Adrenaline, Gemini, Tramble, Aluna, Pyromancer, Chipper, Tempest, Hellbringer, Torturer, Rally, Flux, Bramble are added to the list of items and characters that I named at the hound , Pubbles, Tundra, Amun-Ra, Apex, Lodestone, although you know, I will also copy those so that you can see the full list.  counter wards, Bound Eye, Dust, Thunderbringer, Tarot, Berzerker, Pestilence, Rampage, Solstice, Scout, Blood Hunter, Bushwack, Gunblade, Geomancer.

And to all this he is also heard.
To this it can be seen when jumping from tree to tree.
At the same time, he, like a great goalkeeper, catches all the shells that he can.
Let me explain ... For example, Valkyrie, Mage Bane, Chronos, with the ultimate from Gauntlet, Scout, flying Hammerstorm flying at them, can jump and dodge, characters with Portal Key can jump away, they can knock down the Rampage.
What happens to any hound range attack that enters invisible? will miss, because the target is already invisible, but what will Goldenveil do? everything will fly straight to the tree after him, all attacks, all skills, all ultimate, everything will fly at him, he cannot dodge. In addition, during a flight to a tree, being no longer on the ground, but still not on a tree, he will be pulled by any hook, he will catch any flying projectile, be it a Valkyrie's arrow, or the magic ball Artesia, as they say, where are my free 43 hand damage, 15 attack speed and eternal invisibility for such suffering? who is easy to counter here? here half of the characters counter Goldenveil, here Arcana Bomb simply destroys it for 1500. And what are you doing? you add to him the mana cost for jumping in trees, increase the flight time during a stun, decrease the radius of jumping on trees.
He deserves to decrease the cooldown for jumping from one tree to another from 3 seconds to at least 2 seconds.

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I don't see the point of this thread. 


All those forms of invis have limitations and act the way they do because of design reasons. I suggest you read the abilities and test them out in practice before wondering why X happens, because it's literally on the tooltip. 


For projectile tracking, I suggest you read up on disjoint

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