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Gladiator Q(with new staff of the mastery)

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Good day
I suggest adding a staff effect for the gladiator
You may think that it is similar to the already existing effect of the scout and hammerstorm, but I offer 3 slightly different options.

Option 1)
You put your Pitfall and if he reaches the target, your character appears next to the target from the side from which you looked at the target when placing Pitfall, regardless of whether your whip is on cooldown, hit the target under the influence of Pitfall with the whip, then return back to where you gave Pitfall.
Option 2)
You put your Pitfall and if it reaches the target, you press "Q" again and appear next to the target and stay there, whether you have the right to whip them, or put "W" on the enemy, give an ult or just go into invisibility.
And if, when Pitfall hits the hero, you press "E" and not "Q", then option 1 is triggered, where your hero instantly hits with a whip and comes back.
Option 3
You put your Pitfall and if it reaches the target, when you press "Q" again, you appear next to the solid and hit it with a whip, while pressing "E" has no effect, but no one bothers you to put on yourself "W", turn to the target, hit with the whip and come back.
That is, option 1, option 3, and option 2 is a combination of 1 and 3.

P.S. I believe that all heroes should have the Staff of the mastery effect, and the gladiator has not received any modifications or revisions for a long time, and I don’t remember that since 2012 ...

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Will Portal Key mostly overshadow your boost suggestion because of Portal Key cheap price?

You could also post your suggestion to this thread if you want:

I also have suggestion based on yours as below:


Pitfall: Within 4 seconds, activate the ability again after Pitfall gets triggered to teleport The Gladiator to the center of its location. After using the ability replacing Pitfall, The Gladiator and his allies in 450 radius get a Call of Arms effect for 6 seconds.

Thought process: unlike your suggestion from my understanding, this suggestion has multiple purpose (protecting ally beside/while harming enemy, escape tool, initiating tool) and flexibility (needless an enemy to get hit for the benefit).



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If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:


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