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Bug Reports - Rules

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Hi all,

Currently, the vast majority of bugs have been handled appropriately, and the recent bug reports in the last few months have mostly been false positives or cannot be fixed through the current means.

As such, the Bug Reports subforum rules are pretty simple to avoid any time wasted:

  • 1 bug per thread only.
  • Always provide basic information (screenshots, server info, Match ID, replication steps, etc.).
  • If a bug is valid & I can fix it, I will leave a comment & fix it.

  • If a bug is valid & I require more information, I will let the player know.

  • If a bug is valid & cannot be dealt with for any reason, I will likely reject it without a comment. If I feel it is appropriate, I will post a comment in the thread.

  • If a bug is invalid, I will reject it immediately & likely not leave a comment.

  • Your HoN folder must not be modded in any way. If I can't replicate it while you can easily replicate it locally, chances are that you are using mods.

  • Bug Reports is not Tech Support, nor is it Customer Support. Please use these services if they are more appropriate.

  • Absolutely 0 nonsense, as I am very busy on other aspects of my life.

Thank you for your understanding & for following these simple rules!

- ElementUser



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