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Softban(Mute)/RAP System

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Greetings HoN Team and Community.

Trough the last week I encountered a Problem, that surely some players of the community encountered also.

Yes I was banned and it was the right decision from the GM that did it. But as someone that is also involved in game design it gave me insight to the "MUTE/RAP-SYSTEM" and to the massively problems that this system have. So lets look at what actually happened.

1. I did get a 1-Week ban than a 1-Week mute. Let's split that up from the game design side”

1-Week ban = Hardban : You can not log in because the account is blocked trough a ban command that was given to the server for a set amount of time, including a massage at the login.
1-Week mute = Softban : You can log in because the command was revoked (the HoN-System) but replaced with a mute command that does not let you interact via VoIP and the Chat. 

Normally games do not use the than option, but the either option depending on the case. From the logic you are muted or you are banned because there is no logic behind it to use both, even as a than option. But every game makes it the way it wants at least the only one I know is HoN.

2. So what is the Problem now? The real problem starts, that the mute function is not fitting the game at all, it even harms the gameplay. Why is that?

A) The first Problem starts in the picking phase and unable to communicate with your members makes them think you want to troll them. As I hardly try to fit in the team and get the role that is needed I am getting asked what lane I go at. Well he has to guess if I want to support him or maybe the other lane. I decide to go on the mid lane with my pick but I can't tell it to the team, guess what happens if there are two players that are surprisingly sitting mid? He is pinging, verbally insulting and maybe even trolling and feeding all because I could not say Mid in the picking phase. That goes for every position and every lane, and every role. You CANT take communication away from the game. It is a general and important element of the game that needs to be here, or is someone that is banned supposed to only play with bots that don't care about it anyway? Everyone that Plays HoN, know that communication in the picking phase can already decide a win or a loss before the game even started.

B) The game is starting and I will present some sentences that I got from my teammates (that was already irritated or pissed because I was not answering in the pick phase)

Can you ward at 2 minutes? No answer...
Can you buy item XY before I have to do it? No answer, guess what both players have the same item and wasted money.
Can you gank? Sure I can, but I can't tell you or I can't tell you why I can't at the moment
Can you pull the lane and stack creeps? Guess who is standing next to me, and we both do it...

On the other hand I cant give someone information that I want to initiate and I can only use the ALT Button that is barely useful and you never use because why? Why are there information that no one wants to have? The only thing you use is the lane missing command that is actually pretty good made and I always use it. But I can tell you for that people use the ping function.
To ping at you after they died and call you a retard because you could not give them information that you are going back to base or that you can't go in for whatever reason (No mana, no life)

You should really overthink the implemented mute because it steals the most important feature in the game and if I can't communicate, i basically play a single player for myself.
Also, my first own opinion and not a fact : Do you really think that people change after the mute as a education measure? Or does it make it even worse after being isolated.
I can answer that easy. The hardban is enough and the softban gets them back into the bad mood.


If you really want to keep a Mute-System you need to make sure you have given the players everything to communicate and pass information. In the picking phase : Buttons for calling your lane you want to be and buttons what role do you want to play. [TOP] [MID] [BOT] [CARRY] [TANK] six simple buttons that rescue games. And to improve the [ALT Button] with a [YES] [NO] [NOT NOW] and so on. If you don't want to invest to make such improvements than don't mute the players because everyone is thinking that you are trolling, and they start to troll and verbally insult you.

3. The other thing, is the RAP-System on the website itself.

I had a conversation about the ban with an SGM (no names called for respect reasons) and as I send my respond to the SGM response, nothing came for 4-Days and I decided to write kindly again if there will be a response. Only after I did decide to write this automatic message came up Heroes of Newerth 2020-08-19 20:42:31 Hi, Your ticket is currently in the locked status. We will not be reading replies made to locked tickets. Please open a new one. You only get the information if you write, you can't see it and you can only guess that its locked and this is very poor made. I had to open a ticket (what was very quickly answered) and I had this sentence in it.

QUOTE : This is your first duplicate of that situation, so I do apologize for not making it clear that I was going to end the conversation, usually best regards does that for most people that know they are guilty at least.

I kindly take the apology thank you.

Best regards is used (at least in my country) on every massage/email/letter and it does not end anything. We need something that clearly shows someone that the case is closed. It was not recognizable in any way, leaving a normal open chat and an open ticket if you refresh the page This needs to be fixed or improoved.

PLEASE, have in mind that some people are banned because they made the wrong decision at the wrong time and maybe in the bad mood, but still want to participate even in the “Mute-Phase and want to start over without harm any other but in the end they do it while they are muted because the system is made like that, and they do not have an another choice.

@Community : Keep in mind that players that don't answer you, are not only people that cant speak your language or English in general, but players that endure a mute at the moment and simply don't have the tools and possibility to communicate with you.

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you were muted because you obviously didnt care about any communication with the team

maybe now that you know how it feels to be muted, you will never ever abuse chat so that you will not be muted anymore

it looks kinda funny when every time someone gets muted the "remove mute" suggestions just pops out

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Some changes are almost ready to hit Newerth, it's related to what OP wrote in this thread, nothing more to be shared with the public at this moment, yet!
Keep eyes on the patch notes,  it will be announced there, we will also announce it in our R.A.P Feedback sub-forums


[SGM] — Senior Game Master for Heroes of Newerth
Want to get in touch with an SGM?
Want to appeal your suspension?
 Click Click >
R.A.P helpdesk<

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