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Can Casual Mode be improved?

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For the SEA players who play casual mode - what types of mode-based changes to Casual Mode would you like to see?


Could be more gold, more xp, etc. I don't play casual mode and know the meta in casual mode is more about ganking and less about farming (for this reason, junglers aren't as good). 


Just wanted to get some ideas, perhaps I can implement some for HoN. 

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i was see in here. so many normal player posting at subform hon SEA. so for me if casual maybe can improve for map. i prefer like new map like hon NAEU than old MAP and from exp, gold etc its was so so balance right now no need nerf/buff at all. maybe old map look less about ganking but for farming that good too

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I thinks its pretty good right now.  Maybe change the buyback mechanics make it on cool down not only 2 times or reduce mega creeps damage for potential comebacks. Also checkout shinon2098 vods on facebook he streams high ranked casual games usually the highest rank is legend 1 and the lowest is diamond 1 i think its a good source to see the meta of high ranked casual players and how they are playing the game.

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