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Statsbug + Report bug

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So first of all ever since like about 4.x the game doesn't go to the stat screen for me once finished. (the one with Exp, coins earned, peoples gpm etc) Instead it pushes me out into the main menue. 

This has several issues. Reports aren't made if they were made in game until you see the stat screen. Nor can you see your stats and check other peoples stats for a while. 

The second issue has been happening since forever so I guess you're aware of it but if not: 





So basically sometimes you can't even report someone in game and this has been going on since like 3.0. Two of the people on the left side aren't reportable through the in-game or rather in-match interface, two others are which is the weird part about this bug. They are through the stat screen but that brings us to point 1. 

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Could this be because you exit game before MVP vote is over and you don't wait for the "leave game" button to appear on the screen?

I usually dc from a game before vote is over and that way I never see the stats screen unless I go through my history. 

The game doesn't show up in history until the vote is over and the game is completely done. 

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The lack of a report function on some players is very random. I could take note of matchnumbers but I don't know if you can report people while replaying a game so it might be useless for you EU?

I'll keep the stat screen in consideration.

edit: So 159867059  for example. The bloodhunter guy can't be reported from in game. He can from the stat screen! He did nothing wrong and doesn't need to get reported, nobody whined about him so I assume nobody else reported him (not that that should have any impact) . I have no idea what triggers it or why I could report anyone else in that game or in the previous game.  

Has nobody else really experienced this? It happens every few games for me. Really just curious anomaly! 

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