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Frost Item should be rework, Here's Why!!

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Is Frostwolf Skull and Frostfield Plate the same? Yes they do, YIIIIS dei DUU!!!


I Suggest that One Truely Slows the attack speed While the other slows movement speed ONLY.

Frostwolf Skull new Passive Bonus - Slows the Movement speed by 30%, 20% to range when auto attacks
Frostwolf Skull new Active Bonus - Frostwolf's Howl - sends a wave in a cone of 900 units deals magic damage and slows them by 60% tappering for 3 seconds and restrain them. slow is half on range heroes. same rule, items favor the melee over range.


Frostfield Plate new passive Bonus - attack speed is slowed by 20%
Frostfield Plate new Active Bonus - Aegis of Chill - aura is tripled  within 450 units and doubles on 460units and more last 6 seconds.


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