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Players joining then disconnecting

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I've seen this happen a few times where you have a player that enters the game then disconnects within the first few seconds of the picking stage. Then you'll remake the game and find that same account doing the exact same thing the next game, so you have to remake it again. There's no way to report the person and it doesn't count as a disconnected game so they can keep doing it. I'm thinking someone made a bot to do this and it's not even a person, very annoying. 

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That is  bug, some players use that exploit to alter their rank and mmr, Dev team will start working on a fix soon, I guess that is not one of the priorities but it's still there on the top of the priority list
Note: people that use that exploit to their advantage to manipulate rank and MMR risk getting their account suspended, we do not tolerate people who abuse the system!
If you encounter people leaving games in that manner then please do report them, follow the link my colleague shared

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