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Helm of the Dominator Port (Whispering Helm)

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Since a lot of Dota 2 items have been ported to HoN recently, I thought i'd suggest having Dota 2's Helm of the Dominator replace Whispering Helm. 

Whispering Helm seems to be an item that's picked up primarily by carries for the lifesteal feature and that it's a key component of Symbol of Rage... The armor is as nice addition as well. What I personally believe should be the funadmental aspect of the item; the dominate creep feature, now just seems to be a BONUS feature that carries can use to stack ancients for themselves. 

The cooldown for the dominate feature is currently absurd. 12 minutes. Granted, the cooldown is cut in half at the time that dominated creep dies... but let's look at an example:

If playing a hero like Tundra, if deciding to buy Whispering Helm for the utility of having a neutral creep/it's synergy with Cold Shoulder, (used to be quite common + the puzzle box), then it's a huge risk. If a dominated creep dies in a team fight 2 minutes after it's been dominated (unfortunate, but not unreasonable), Then the cooldown is as follows:

 12min - 2min = 10min     

10min/2 = 5 minutes.....

FIVE MINUTES!!!!!!!!!! Before you can get another creep. 


Contrast this to Dota 2's Helm of the Dominator:

- It only has a 45s cooldown! However, it only allows for the control of 1 unit max. 

This removes the concern of 1 player being able to stack too many neutral creeps throughout games that go for longer durations. 

This also improves the quality of life of the player drastically. You can reliably have 1 creep under your control for a majority of the time you have this item without worrying about 5 minute downtime periods with no creeps at all. 


- It's a stat item that doesn't upgrade into a late-game carry item. 

This should change the meta of how dominated creeps are utilised significantly. Dominated creeps won't just be what i'd call 'stack bots' for ancient camps. The item would probably be bought by players in other roles and will be used more actively!

Heroes like Ophelia, Warbeast and Tundra can actually reliably use this type of item again. I'd imagine many other heroes will also have interest in this item - Deadlift and Parasite perhaps, maybe even just for the team aura the wolf gives. It's been used by carries in Dota 2 before to amplify their damage and farm by getting the wolf, and also acquiring much needed early game stats.

The stats for the item are amazing, and well rounded for all heroes. This makes the item appealing and viable for basically any hero. 


Helm of the Dominator - Stats (as in Dota 2):

- 6 Str + 6 Agi + 6 Int

- 6 Health Regeneration 

- 6 Armor

HoN item progression equivalent is:

- Helm of the Victim

- Major Totem

- Recipe (approx 1k gold)


New Symbol of Rage Item Progression/Dota 2 equivalent:

I think it's either Broadsword or Warhammer > Axe of the Malphai > Recipe


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Oops, yeh that's a mistake.

Also, I can't remember what a claymore in Dota 2 is equivalent to in HoN - cause that's what is used for the Satanic (Symbol of Rage).



- Hungry Spirit > Broadsword > Axe of the Malphai > 700g recipe = 6000g 

- Hungry Spirit > Warhammer > Axe of the Malphai > 300g recipe = 6000g

Alternatively going down the armor route again could possibly be something like 

Hungry Spirit > Platemail > Axe of the Malphai > 500g recipe = 6000g


On a side note:

Helm of the Victim would still be used as a component in the new Whispering Helm, so losing it from the Symbol of Rage item progression would be fine. Though personally, I still think that this item would still have too few uses.

I thought replacing Ringmail with Helm of the Victim as an item component in Ultor's Heavy Helm, and then lowering the recipe cost would also be beneficial. This is how it is in Dota 2, and considering that currently Ringmail builds into so many items, whereas Helm of the Victim does not.

- Should that be a seperate post? lol.


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I have mixed feeling about this suggestion. Did you remember when Frostfield Plate got removed from the game before?

If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:


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