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It's probably reportable behavior, but it wouldn't be very sane to block the most basic (and efficient) form of communication. Fortunately the pings are much easier to ignore than someone screaming from your speakers/headphones.

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Posted (edited)

I don't mean the reportable pings. I mean some people spam useless pings all game it just annoys/distracts me
I've gotten players that ping on enemy heroes every time they see any on map. Spam pings the whole fight to go back or attack etc. Many times very stupid calls to be honest and just distracting or they just get mad when they die and keep spamming you as if you have a global pk.

I have no issue with people screaming because you can mute them by right clicking their icon > turn off voice chat for that player
I use it all the time when I don't understand someones language

Edit: I'm not asking to ignore all pings. just if I feel a specific player spams them, same way we can ignore a specific player voice or chat

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You can't. Modding it off might be possible, but I have no idea. Frostburn's position on this seems pretty obvious: pings are the required minimal level of communication that shouldn't be left to a player's judgment. I have had my share of annoyance over unreliable pings, but I would rather have a way to communicate with trigger happy muters, and with the kind of pings we have you actually can quite efficiently.


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