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4.8.5 Patch - Discussion

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Those are in SEA & the stats are misleading because they represent an unknown proportion of Casual Mode games vs. Normal Mode games (with the majority of games in SEA being Casual Mode). We don't balance for Casual Mode, we only balance for Normal Mode.

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Your post has quite a few premises & is largely an overarching game design question, so it's tough to fully answer your question.  I'll try my best to explain & break it down, but the main iss

Well Predator is a garbage hero anyway so It's not really an issue.

You literally told a staff member (not even to mention that it was directed towards myself, one of the staff members who want to help HoN the most) to f*** themselves if Nitro was reworked. You should

26 minutes ago, ScrubFactory said:

What is CS?

Cut word of Casual mode in SEA.

Cs = Casual mode, NM = Normal Mode, Mw - Mid War

Most of Player in SEA play in casual/Mid War, But normal game still have their good and healthy player base. My Queue time in Normal mode is around 4 min per match for Group 2-3 player while casual game is shorter. 


HoN SEA Player

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On 8/4/2020 at 4:45 PM, DesoZaKiddo said:

In my very biased Opinion,


Patch discussion seems derailed to its objective and people are tired of saying same things, insanitarious, knowing that their comment bears no weight and be adhered no longer.

as a Solo player, over the years I enjoy the game so much especially from the trolls/smurfs and earned to be an all rounder with off/anti meta strategy from them, I learned to adapt to things am not comfortable with. Before 4.0 i used more than 50 heroes and enjoy the hell out of them but now 10 heroes tops and 20 if I play with a friend and now lesser because of the nerfs to heroes that were balanced. When a hero is nerfed, might as well considered it dead and expect it to be one of the infamous at the bottom of the most used hero. Am now using the patch notes and mark heroes that are fun to play against because its easy as heck. Back then, you can pretty much predict 1-2 players at most but now everyone is an AI and why bother to think critically when you can predict the course of the game in the matter of 15min or worst of them all is during pick phase or stats.


@Ondis  expressed MOST of solo players inner thoughts so kudos to him. I guessed this player experienced 8 games FOC or more in the matter of 3hours trainwreck fast pacing intense game. Once you exp'd that, you never go back. (a 40min game is retarded af)

Seeing the game you love becoming a "generic low quality" MOBA truely is a heart breaking. Aint palying DOTA2 coz its full of players with playstyle that i hate the most, to hell with rubberbanding mechs. LoL is full of entitled immatured kids and manbaby w/ META that should stick to your role, low versatility MOBA, secondary objective greatly impacts the main in which it should be a small suppliment in the 1st place.

At least EU got the rubberbanding under control a bit. Which I guess is one of the positive effects of streamlining. Though of course some game execs and marketing people have argued that this constant change adds to keeping the game fresh and new. But when pressed, like in Hearthstone they say it's because that's what gets people buying new cards.  Which granted in their cases is more about power creep than rubberbanding but still. Some people seem to genuinely like it, I never cared for it. 

The cycle is basically people work hard to figure out a hero or a meta, then that meta is considered too "OP" and nerfed which is then replaced by a new meta or hero that suddenly starts shining or shines as necessity is the mother of invention and then the cycle repeats itself. 

I'm pretty terrible at some mechanics of the game. Like I could never learn Silhoutte even tho I'm pretty good with Ophelia. DR is way too twitchy for me, etc. But I alwaÿs enjoyed watching people play them to their fullest potential. I think my Accursed (current winration at about 75%) and old Nitro play was close to legendary if I tryhard for example - i play around, rage and multitask too much to climb tho. 

Bubbles was almost ruined for me when his shell was slowed down but now it's more or less back to normal or close to it ( I  forgot which ). 
While some heroes have been streamlined or had their unique mechanics nerfed or removed I still think it's the streamlining of the general gameplay that has caused the various roles and situational actions mentioned by ensid get a more and more diminishing return which makes it feel like a lot of those heroes you enjoyed in the past just suck now. 

But yah, it's a problem either way.



I suspect that one of the things EU and company might be looking at is the above mentioned fact that in SEA CM is more popular than normal mode. 
Well part of that is the reason that in SEA this is or was  the default MOBA while in NA/EU/RUS or even Latin America this is the hardcore moba or retained a following because it is hardcore. So different demographics. 

And even CM is better because it just makes it easier and faster to do all these different tasks. CM doesn't disrupt the game, in fact it encourages alternative plays. While the loser doesn't get punished much the winner of big fights or sneaky moves gets a lot more profit. 

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On 7/28/2020 at 7:05 PM, MADNESS7 said:

Can't download the patch because the game crashdumps every time it's closed. Where the hell can I manually apply the patch, since the game is a 12 year old turd that continually has problems?

uhm i have had no such problems  in my wholeee life patato pc


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Inb4 the Shadowblade and Qi Nerfs 2 Patches ago were to big. You buffed them back a little bit but they are so hardcore lackluster now. Qi is by far the least used hero now (half of the 2nd least...) and Shadow being bottom 5. Also their Winquotes are pathetic. A whopping 15% diffrence to DR and by far the worst on the entire roster. I still don't get the nerfs on these 2 heroes. Imo you should revert them to their old form 2 patches ago.

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