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Stock: 1/1 (Initial/Max)
Restock Time: 6/15 minutes (Initial/Ongoing)

+4 Strength
+4 Agility
+14 Intelligence
Marks the target area and causes an explosion after a 0.5 second delay. The explosion deals 150 Magic Damage to non-hero units (0.5x to hero units), a bonus 30% of the target's Max Health for enemy player-controlled non-hero units, or 500 True Damage or 50% of the target's Max Health (whichever is higher; Health removal can be lethal in this manner) to enemy illusion

Each enemy illusion affected spawns an invisible arcane shockwave of 600 radius that only affects other enemy illusions in the area, making them receive 200 True Damage or 15% of their Max Health, whichever is higher.

Also destroys trees and grants Clearvision in the area for 2.5 seconds..



 + Destroy summoner and tree. Can also be used at semi-farming tool

 + Hard counter heroes that use summoner/minion/illusion at their main damage: Ophella/War Beast/Xemplar/Keeper of the Forest.

 + Golden Veil hate this item

 + Give 2.5s clear vision


 + With the cost 1650 gold, supporter better purchase astrolabel or Table Command to be more effective

 + Can only be purchase after 6 minute in game. Like puzzle Box, you can only have one or two Arcane bomb in your team

 + Less effect in late game

 + Mainly used to counter golden Veil and Balphagore or parasite. Not really good against Ophella/War beast. Xemplar is rare picked and Keeper of the forest minion is not really a threat.

 + You cant destroy illusion with Arcane bomb, need another scourge of damage



 + Addition: Reveals the targets in radius in 2.5s (exclude ward), so it can be used to track invi heroes.

 + Addition. Deal 1 damage to Ward in Radius. You dont need sight of that ward. The skill have 25s cooldown so you will need 75 more seconds to destroy that ward. ( very good to counter Scout eyes).

 + Or: Deal 30 damage to tower. the damage wont pass though invulnerable effect. (like flint)

 + Or: Heal the owner 50hp/25mana for each true-heroes hit by arcane bomb.

 + Or: Illusion will be Disarm in 2,5s, non-heroes unit will be silence in 2,5s

 + Upgrate: This item can be upgrate one more (around 3k gold total), can store 2 charges,  Enemies within 150 radius of the center will be stunned in 0,8s. Reveals/Clear Vision duration increased. Recharge: 25s, cooldown 5s (like alchemist bone)

My personality



 + Current Arcane Bomb is lack of usable due to it unique of counter minion of destroy tree. Even Arcane Bomb itself is not very effective to do what it support to be. It need something that worth to purchase or keeping it in your inventory in late game. I could say the reveal effect is worth however not every match that have invisible heroes.

 + Another one Is that it can deal damage to ward. It's nice effect addition but it wont change the fact that this item still lacking of effect.

 + Giving Arcane more effect is a good ideal to solve the problems in late game. However the items is cheap so the effect should not be strong. Giving it small damage to tower or a little Healing may be good choice.

 + Upgrate version: I dont think this item need an upgrate version due to it weakness and unique. Spending 3k gold on items that you dont know if it is good or bad is confusing. So i think about give it a small stun in center. The stun is small and the damage does not change, but it can cast again in next 5 seconds so it may be good enough (in term of crowd controlling)



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