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“Not corroborated” status, what does it mean? how does it work?

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Not corroborated” has two possible reasons:

  1. Your report has successfully pushed the reported player's record on top of the list and, while actions were Indeed, taken against the player, your report was technically closed.
    --It was not closed in vain; it was closed because it was not reviewed and the player it was against is already serving a suspension.
  2. You were the only player who filed a report for that match. The actions reported did not appear to be of any relevance for other players involved in the match, so your report was closed automatically after two hours.
    --Reports closed this way would likely never be reviewed and would be closed automatically after 30 days, so this simply hastens the process of automatic reports closure to keep the reporters informed of their reports. We are aware that this is a major change. Extreme circumstances call for extreme measures. Sadly, the offenses that are reported by only one player turned out to be ruled as innocent excessively often, so we have decided to avoid these single reports completely and focus the GM team's limited time on offenses reported by multiple players.


This change does not affect reports that are given “Top Priority”, as these reports are submitted by players who have proven the quality and reliability of their reports.

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