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Purpose of RAP Feedback

RAP Feedback is for posting questions, suggestions, or discussions related to RAP.
This forum is not for reporting other players, appealing suspensions, or contesting ticket results.

In order to keep this forum as user-friendly and constructive as possible, we kindly request that you respect the following rules.

RAP Feedback Forum Rules 

     If you are asking a question, chances are it has already been answered! 
     If the topic already exists you may post followup questions in the existing thread if something is still unclear 
    Most basic questions are covered in the FAQ below
    See above for searching; redundant threads only cause more confusion for the users and more work for the moderators 
     If a thread has been deleted or closed, it was deleted or closed for a reason. If you would like a reason why or want to request that it be re-opened please PM an RAP Feedback Moderator. Do NOT create a new thread.
    Non-constructive complaints are not valid topics
    All threads require one of the following prefixes: [Discussion], [Question], or [Suggestion]. 
    When a thread has been resolved the tag will be changed to [Answered]

     Legitimate topics:
  • Questions related to RAP, its use, interface, and/or policy
  • Suggestions on how to improve RAP, its use, interface, and/or policy
  • Constructive discussion about RAP (perhaps to encourage suggestions from others) 

     Every post of every thread should be productive and add to the discussion
  • Every post should either ask a question, answer a question, correct incorrect information, provide new information, or clarify previous comments 
  • If you find a post that does not follow the rules, is off topic, or useless do NOT call attention to it; it only perpetuates the proble
  •  If you have a related comment that is no longer applicable to the thread topic please create a dedicated thread

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If your thread title is vague your thread will not be responded to by Frostburn or GM staff. 
Clear thread titles are essential for allowing future forum users to make the most out of the search function

Example of Vague/Poor/Bad Thread Titles: (actual examples) 

  • "FB please read" 
  • "I have a question" 
  • "isnt this reportable" 
  • "i just got warned" "
  • "why is it that..."
  • "Reporting"
  • "is this bannable?"

"ticket unsuccessful" 

Such threads will no longer be reviewed by myself, and are unlikely to be reviewed by any of our hard working
Senior Game Masters.

Example of Good Thread Titles:

  • "Please consider adding inappropriate vote kicking to RAP" 
  • "My in-game RAP interface does not seem to work properly"
  • "Why the current RAP system will limit future growth"
  • "My report for spamming wards in fountain was found innocent. Please clarify this policy." 
  • "Why was I warned for refusing to concede?"
  • "How much GGG spam is bannable? How much is allowed?" 
    These threads will be read and responded to within a few days, typically within 12 hours
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[SGM] — Senior Game Master for Heroes of Newerth
Want to get in touch with an SGM?
Want to appeal your suspension?
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Basic Definitions and RAP Staff


  1. What is Rap and what does it mean?
    The Report-A-Player (RAP) System is a community-based game enforcement establishment. It is run by Frostburn Studios with the strong support of volunteer Game Masters (GM) who devote their free time to improving your everyday game experience. Problematic players who have broken one of the official Heroes of Newerth Conduct Rules may be submitted via the RAP form in-game for review. The GMs will then scour through the reports and rule on each case. Offending players are then automatically punished by the RAP system.
  2. How does RAP work? 
    Every time a player gets reported, that ticket goes into a huge database. Each player is then automatically evaluated on their overall risk to the community. The precise algorithm is confidential, but the theory is rooted in common sense principals. Both the history of the reported player as well as the reliability of the reporting players factors in. For example, if a player has successfully reported many people in the past, his most recent ticket is likely to be valid. Similarly, if a player has been reported many times in a short period of time, it is very likely that this player is a problem. Tickets are then prioritized and assigned to our GMs based on which suspect is most likely to be guilty. The higher the risk, the quicker the report will be handled. Simple!
  3.  What is "griefing"? 
    Griefing is a slang term for any action that intentionally causes another player grief. "Intentionally" is the key word. Please refer to the stickied thread "What is Griefing? Demystifying the Rules of Conduct and Common Reporting Mistakes" for detailed explanations and examples.
  4. What is a GM? What can they do? Who are they? 
    GM stands for "Game Master". They are responsible for reviewing submitted RAP tickets and deciding innocent, warning, or guilty. A GM cannot suspend a player without a attached RAP ticket, nor can they choose which tickets they review. They are identified in game and on the forums by the clan tag [GM] and maroon name color in game.

     What is an SGM? What can they do? Who are they? 
    SGM stands for "Senior Game Master". In addition to regular GM duties, SGMs are responsible for reviewing appeals. They may overturn GM decisions and manually suspend/un-suspend players. They can also assist with issues related to clan tags, clan names, and clan roster
          The current SGMs are:

    Which FB Staff members are involved with RAP? 
    RaP portal maintenance and development, 
    Training and Recruitment/Head GM
  5.  Are GMs and SGMs paid FB employees? 
    No. They are regular community members that volunteer time to help out Frostburn Studios. In return they are compensated with gold coins and maroon-name swag. The opinions and statements of GMs and SGMs are their own and do not reflect those of Frostburn Studios.

    To be continued soon.....
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[SGM] — Senior Game Master for Heroes of Newerth
Want to get in touch with an SGM?
Want to appeal your suspension?
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