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Does USB wifi causing periodical disconnects?

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Hi guys,

Recently I have been encountering frequent problems with connection in HoN in the form of ~.5 seconds disconnect icon. It happens at a regular interval, about once every 20 seconds. I am thinking the problem might be associated with my USB Wifi which connects to a wifi router, because I am using a CPU without any internal internet hardware. On the other hand, this issue did not happen when I played on a laptop which connects to the same wifi router.

However, I am not quite sure if USB wifi is the main cause of the problem. Maybe it is a less severe issue which could be resolved through optimization. I look forward to anyone who has any experience that could share with me.

Thank you very much!

P/S1: I could provide a video which illustrates the issue if needed.

P/S2: And surprisingly, somehow my average APM increases from 190 to 350 with a switch from playing on laptop to PC (and so to USB wifi). It looks weird given my action speed does not significantly change.

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It appears that many people have various problem with TP-Link USB wifi. Particularly I am using Archer T4U V3, which is one of the best performance on the market, with good reviews and such. However, it seems like it performs much worse in niche situations.

Does anyone know a test IP of HoN which I could use to check ping if there is any packet loss? I am trying to pinpoint the exact problem. So far I know it has to do with the USB wifi due to the fact that the Wifi internet works fine on other hardware, and the disconnect icons occur in a very systematic manner as said above.

Really appreciate if somebody can spare some time to help me!

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I tried to ping some random IP while playing the game (the IP you find when using netstat command in cmd) and it seems like the dropout happen every exact 20 seconds apart. It shows as a sudden increase in input delay ranging between 700 - 1400 ms (to some IP that I tested with ping command in cmd). So I guess it was not enough for the ping to be counted as a request timed out and hence a loss packet. Once I stopped the game, the ping went back to normal thereafter...


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