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There is a cost attached to launching anything on steam as well as steam then taking a % of any purchases made, from memory the last time this was raised it was basically said that it is not financially viable to be on steam.

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wasn't strife a desasterous steam launch?
ofc that was mostly due to the fact of how strife launched and it's basic concept, it practicalling being a drastically more limited version of HoN... iirc that is.

altho it might get hon more exposure i don't think it would happen either.
funnily enough i've recently got a couple of friends to return to hon.
for the most part they stopped years (5 ish) ago and at this point now just assumed the game had "died" anyway and never bothered to check in with it again which seems to be a common trend somehow. so if it received some exposure in some way, who knows, it might attract people to return.

and altho it looks alot better than most other mobas i do have to agree with some of the older statements that it has a rather "dark"and "grim" appearance (mapwise) which gives it a slightly more repelling rather than inviting look.

all that being said, i highly doubt a steam launch, PLUS let's face it, too many trolls...
salty ones especially... this games reviews wil be in the basement before it even properly launched because of salty toxic kids that can't accept their suspensions and take responsibility over their misbehaviour. look at how many of them regularly complain about "unjustified" bans on the forums just to be told in publicly they indeed misbehaved and not even for the first, second, or even third time... the "GM ban everyone" comments would be through the roofs...

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1) Being on Steam doesn't correlate to having numbers. Look at Strife (S2's attempt to launch a casual version of HoN): https://steamcharts.com/app/339280


Literally 0 players. This is what a dead game actually looks like & is intended for all those memers who keep on saying HoN is dead.


2) Steam takes a substantial % of our income, which will result in a loss of money. There is no guarantee or proof that the numbers gained from putting the game on Steam will overcompensate for the loss of profit.


3) Garena's client is basically Steam, except for SEA. 

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