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10th HoNiversary - The Epilogue [FEEDBACK WANTED]

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Hey guys,

A huge thank you to everyone for making the 10th HoNiversary one of the more memorable HoNiversaries to date.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the forum events. thanks to HoN Omg and Game R for hosting events, huge shout out to @breakyCPK for casting the finals, shout out to @ElementUser and @Smilie for working tirelessly behind the scenes making all the in-game events possible - and of course YOU who obviously got this far.

PS Shout out to the old FB/S2 Crew who took time out of their busy schedules to record content for the Top 5 Honiversary Video, thank you ❤️

ALSO Please do not forget this masterpiece thread is on-going and closes in a month and a half - time is running out!


Please fill out this form - it will help with planning future events for you guys! (also you can win 1k gold, duh)



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Hey guys, i've love the changes and prizes. I would like to give an suggestion. Why u dont come back with the punky event, was funny and the prizes are awesome. Just a little tip by an old player.. hahaha ! BTW forgive my bad english ima brazillian player.. still studying the language !!  

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