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Some Blood Hunter QoL Changes for better carry potential

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Blood Hunter has not been touched again since the Staff upgrade. Will he really stay the same as the classic bloodseeker? Even the original one has already evolved into a furious assassin I wanted him to be. At least, do something about his interesting abilities which have so so much potential for our vampire carry.

1. If Blood Hunter smells blood of dying or low health heroes from afar, knowing he already has wings (except Landshark avatar), he gains passive flying through his Blood Sense (E). Unless he is attacked or if the enemy is just 1500 units away, he will stop flying and goes with current Blood Sense form.

2. Upon casting Hemorrhage (R) to the enemy, he will activate Blood Sense. Because blood is spilling out from the body, right?

3.) Blood Sense (E) - The more he senses enemies dying, the aggressive and faster he becomes.
• 3 enemies = increases the movement speed barrier to 622. (New Additional Staff Upgrade)
• 5 enemies = he gains the greatest strength and allows to finish enemies quickly by having +5% stackable bonus damage for each dying heroes, half for allies. (New Additional Staff Upgrade)

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Please don't take this the wrong way but... to me it just kind of feels like your suggestions are all streamlined into making something ridiculously broken...
BH receiving truevision across half the map, plus pretty much permahaste that can not be dispelled is already strong enough, he literally does not need any additional mechanic that further breaks the mechanic of map design.
It's already almost impossible to juke a properly played BH.

plus the "[...]furious assassin I wanted him to be[...]" sounds incredibly arrogant as if you were the sole reason for that change to have happened ?

BH on 1v1 laning phases already circumvents majority of balance aspects as for a melee agility carry he has alreday substantial amounts of HP and Atk, ontop of being able to ignore roughly 93% of heroes that would harass him as he can just outright outheal them by lasthitting while they even spend ALL their time harassing him.
His silence scales with his attackspeed as he can potentially increase it's duration with sufficent attackspeed (ultralategame therefor not a viable balance aspect but just saying), and he can just dive a secure kill through an entire base as he will in most cases regen enough HP off of the kill to just leave the base again.
Only one existing hero can outrun him (Blitz) unless he is silenced, only a handful of heroes can avoid him (Sand Wraith, Klanx, anything with a blink/leap) for the most part again unless silenced and even if they aren't silenced, chances are they would commit suicide attempting to avoid him if he managed to get his ult on them in time (to be honest I would even slightly reduce the range of his ult before I applied any buffs).

Sure if played poorly the hero ends up being more than just useless, often even an obstacle on their own teams path. But the hero already has mechanics that break basic gameplay principles.

Tl;Dr: Instead of further breaking his concept and general gameplay, be innovative and give him an ALTERNATIVE staff (similar to how Thunderbringer can swap his staff ults) and NOT give him an additional broken mechanic he DOES NOT NEED.
and to everyone responding "50 gold TP hardcounter" i raise you 60%+ of the hero pool to which TP is a hardcounter too~

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