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Old Gamer Review - Hope it helps.

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My name is Morion (A.K.A. Asthanos).

I used to play HoN since the alpha ages, I loved this game incredibly, dedicating hours of my days to improve, I invited friends to share my adventures and everything for absolutely nothing.

I was one of the people who bought the toy when it came out and I was one of the people who forced to change their accounts to servers in Brazil, and I clearly remember why. Much of the English-speaking community did not want to share with Latin American gamers for various reasons that I will not describe at this time. When the time came for the transfer of accounts, those who had our friends on North American servers were never allowed to stay on these servers, even blocking Latin American IPs so that they could not create or maintain accounts.

After this, I really lost all love for the game, I tried repeatedly to communicate with administrators who finally gave me no answer.

Years passed, and I found out from second people that they were reinstating accounts that had migrated to Brazilian servers, but it was already out of time. When I consulted to recover my old account (in which I had invested money, and time) they did not help me at all, and they told me that this information had already been lost.

It hurts me to see how a game that could become a great success, was overshadowed by the mismanagement of its administrators, managers and creators. Currently I have a couple of nostalgic friends who urge me to play again, but I will at least not come back after the bad times they put me through. Not without my old account.

I hope this works for those who think about giving the game a second chance. A game that does not give a player a chance to get back what is rightfully his, does not deserve another return.

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A very short version on our migration policies is that if you didn't migrate, your data is now lost, and it cannot be recovered.
That being said, I have written a more throughout answer below, so you can get the understanding of why that is.


For better or the worse it was decided that the LAT community should have their own servers, driven by a third company called Axeso5.

When this was decided, all the LAT accounts were automatically transferred to their corresponding game region, and access to NAEU was cut off.

When it was decided there should no longer be a partnership between S2 Games/Frostburn and Axeso5, then players were asked to move back.
Taking away a part of Axeso5's business is not seen lightly, I guess it's kinda like getting told you're fired from your job.

At this point, there was very little cooperation between the two companies.
As such an automated transfer could not take place. Instead the players were asked to actively transfer their account from one region to another.
There was a deadline for this, which I remember also being extended with a couple of months, mainly because Axeso5 did not want to keep the databases running, and wanted to shut down (which is understandable, as having servers costs money).

This means that players who did not migrate in time simply had their accounts and data permanently erased. This is typically players who stopped playing the game for a while, and then later has come back.

We can agree that this is not the ideal way, but it was making the best of a bad situation.

Then you may ask "but I had an account in NAEU before I migrated to axeso5 in the first place". While those accounts (for the most part) still reside with us, they have been permanently disabled after the initial migration. We have a policy not to re-open these accounts, in order to have the same policy and possibilities for all regions, including CIS and TR.


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Can i ask?. When do u speak about customer support?, are u speaking about people that work in kalamazoo, china,.... or nowadays they are remote working maybe...¿? what is the situation now?.

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1 hour ago, Time4 said:

Can i ask?. When do u speak about customer support?, are u speaking about people that work in kalamazoo, china,.... or nowadays they are remote working maybe...¿? what is the situation now?.

Customer Support are volunteers which reside all over the world.

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