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Found 3 results

  1. Greeting fellow Linux-users, since I've seen a couple of Linux people having problems with HoN, I've decided to try to package it. I haven't done that before, so it'll probably have issues which I might or might not be able to fix. Anyways, let me summarize what an AppImage is: Basically it combines all the libraries together with an application so you don't have to manually install the required libraries on your system. It's a distribution-independent Tool that should run almost everywhere - you could even run it on Windows via WSL! Since the image would be really big if it contained the entire client, I have left most of HoNs files out (especially resource-files). This has the side-effect of you having to download basically the entire client via repair-install (which starts automatically until it finds at least some resource-files). Right now there are files missing on the HoN-servers, so repair-install will not succeed! Which means, this image doesn't work on it's own right now. However I've informed FB about it, and they'll probably fix that eventually. For the time being, you have to manually install HoN somewhere and follow a couple of additional steps - and you might want to follow these steps anyways, if you already have HoN downloaded (and don't want to download it again). So here they are: Currently known problems (fixing takes some time since building the image and uploading it takes time): It requires 64bit linux - this won't be fixed Repair install doesn't finish - this is actually a FB-issue, but there's workaround (read above) So here's the download (~ 23 MB): https://manu311.de/Heroes_Of_Newerth-x86_64.AppImage To (normally) run it, you simply have to mark the downloaded file as executable and run it. You will never have to run it as root, so no sudo or su commands required. If you have any issues, please let me know. Planned improvements/features: Potential features - if they get requested:
  2. The image for a Bottle that is filled with Merricks Rune is missing on Linux. I've tried all graphics presets, it's always the same. Here's an image: https://imgur.com/DMXzbfy I could only test this in Practice Mode, since Merricks gets applied on pickup in matches. So this "bug" isn't really an issue. It might be considered another bug that this behavior isn't happening in Practice Mode - but again, nothing important.
  3. Hi I used to play HoN on GeforceNow cuz I own a Mac and you don't make it for mac anymore. But today the game was removed from GeforceNow! Please reconsider if you asked for it to be removed, for me and all the mac/linux users who love your game!! Otherwise please contact Nvidia and make them fix this error!!
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