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Found 3 results

  1. I've already seen this too much just to make a profit for another player, but I don't know, if this is a suspension or not? you draw your conclusions I just want to know if this is for a suspension. I have been playing forest and I have a user who plays mid I always do not know, if it is controlled by the same user or not, but there was a jungle (ophelia) he was free farm and at minute 15 he gets a lot of gold, but after getting a lot GPM buys items and then disconnects, and leaves everything achieved to the mid that I always see him go shellshock, devourer, jungle, I have also seen
  2. Good afternoon yesterday I presented my appeal and my account was suspended for 1 month, and they suspended me for refusing to participate, I only ask one thing if I only saw the items of my team I will see that there is a big difference apart from that I have a suicidal player and a support that does not support its carry, which the only thing I have left is to farm in the jungle and they took it as AFK, if I entered to defend my towers with the items I had, the only thing I would get was to commit suicide and not have the support of A team that only enters when they feel like it, the solutio
  3. good afternoon. I wanted to comment on some problems that I have and some players also have it, the servers are slow like when I play forest the ping is between 200 to 250, and midwards too and when the game is paused the ping is between 40 to 50 and I only have one region set as US east and low graphics. I have tried different regions and it remains the same, my question is is there a problem with the servers of each region?
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