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Found 8 results

  1. Welcome to Heroes of Newerth Version 4.9.4 - 26 October 2021 == New Content == New Draconis Avatar: Abyss Draco - Feast on your opponents' despair with this undying Draconis avatar! * Credits to Narandea for the hero icon art! == Design == = Staff of the Master & Master's Legacy Changes = Artesia Essence Projection - Staff of the Master effect change (to pre-existing): * While the Essence Projection is active: relocation ability's cooldown reduced to 4 seconds (changed from 2 seconds). * Essence Projection relocation gains an additional 2 seconds of
  2. Welcome to Heroes of Newerth Version - 15 April 2021 == Design == = Heroes = Adrenaline Shard Blast - Cast Range rescaled from 800 to 575/650/725/800. - Base Magic Damage rescaled from 80/115/150/185 to 65/105/145/185. - Mana Cost changed from 50/70/90/110 to 65/80/95/110. + These changes should make Adrenaline more bearable in the laning phase without changing his performance after the laning phase. _______________________________________________ Cthulhuphant Maddening Revenge - Radius for an enemy source to trigger
  3. Welcome to Heroes of Newerth Version 4.9.1 - 2 February 2021 == New Content == New Loading Screens have been rotated into the game! - The new loading screen art will represent and celebrate the Lunar New Year! * This means that the fan art backgrounds (from Patch 4.9.0) will be rotated out of the game. We apologize for the inconvenience. * We are delighted to have those art pieces in our game, but we regret to inform that a substantial portion of the player base are unhappy with the art. It is unlikely they will return to the game - if they do return, it will be
  4. Welcome to Heroes of Newerth Version 4.9.0 - 1 December 2020 == New Content == New Animated & Static Wallpaper for the Login Screen: Adrenaline New "Login Animation" tickbox option available on the Login Screen in the bottom-left corner (ticked by default). - This change allows the user the choice of seeing an HD image or a video animation on the Login Screen. * This option requires the HoN Client to be restarted to take effect. New Loading Screens have been implemented into the game based on some fan art! - Forests of Caldavar: "Forsaken Archer
  5. Welcome to Heroes of Newerth Version 4.8.6 - 22 September 2020 == New Content == New Pharaoh Avatar: Doge Anubis - This higher-definition Pharaoh avatar was taken from the HoN China client. He also happens to look like a dog of the Shiba Inu species, which greatly resembles the iconic Doge! == Design == = Hero Guides (NAEU/International Client Only) = Every single default hero guide in-game has been updated with `WhatYouGot's hero guides! Thank you for providing a much-needed update for HoN's hero guides. + `WhatYouGot is a competitive-level HoN player,
  6. Welcome to Heroes of Newerth Version 4.8.5 - 28 July 2020 == New Content == New Monkey King Avatar: Jade Macaque - This higher-definition Monkey King avatar (originally Six Eared Macaque) was taken from the HoN China client. Refined with jade visual effects, Jade Macaque is ready to dazzle Newerth! New Animated & Static Wallpaper for the Login Screen: King Klout * This may not show up for some clients due to technical issues. This will be resolved in the future. == New Items == New Item (Supplies): Golden Apple - Cost: 70 Gold - Non-stac
  7. Welcome to Heroes of Newerth Version - 9 June 2020 == HoNiversary == NAEU/International Client only changes: due to unforeseen technical difficulties, the following changes have taken place for our HoNiversary events: - HoNiversary Sublime Name Colour: if you have legitimately purchased a $50 or $100 Gold Coin package during the event period (June 2 to July 2, 2020), please contact Customer Support with proof of purchase & they will handle your request. - Daily login rewards: disabled due to an infinite exploit. - Silver Coins for playing
  8. Welcome to Heroes of Newerth Version - April 14, 2020 == Design == = Hero Balance = Gemini Fire and Ice (Staff of the Master effect changes): - Fire and Ice's "Together in Bright Spirit" subability now place Lightning Form's passive ability on cooldown when the spellcast finishes. - Lightning Form: max Movement Speed granted to Light reduced from 750 to 650. - Light: now suffers a 67% Damage Penalty (i.e. deals 33% Damage) if both Fire & Ice are within 900 radius of Light. _______________________________________________ == Bug Fixe
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