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Found 8 results

  1. Welcome to Heroes of Newerth Version 4.9.5 - 16 November 2021 == Patch Versioning Change == From this point onward, the vast majority of hotfix patches will have their patch version (the third number in the patch notes) actually incremented. This is done to ensure that replay compatibility works between patch versions (even hotfix patches). == Design == = General = Experience Changes - Assist Experience Penalty changed from 0/0/20/40/60% to 0/0/10/35/60% for 1/2/3/4/5 real ally heroes within the Experience Proximity of the targe
  2. Welcome to Heroes of Newerth Version - 15 April 2021 == Design == = Heroes = Adrenaline Shard Blast - Cast Range rescaled from 800 to 575/650/725/800. - Base Magic Damage rescaled from 80/115/150/185 to 65/105/145/185. - Mana Cost changed from 50/70/90/110 to 65/80/95/110. + These changes should make Adrenaline more bearable in the laning phase without changing his performance after the laning phase. _______________________________________________ Cthulhuphant Maddening Revenge - Radius for an enemy source to trigger
  3. Welcome to Heroes of Newerth Version 4.9.1 - 2 February 2021 == New Content == New Loading Screens have been rotated into the game! - The new loading screen art will represent and celebrate the Lunar New Year! * This means that the fan art backgrounds (from Patch 4.9.0) will be rotated out of the game. We apologize for the inconvenience. * We are delighted to have those art pieces in our game, but we regret to inform that a substantial portion of the player base are unhappy with the art. It is unlikely they will return to the game - if they do return, it will be
  4. Welcome to Heroes of Newerth Version 4.9.0 - 1 December 2020 == New Content == New Animated & Static Wallpaper for the Login Screen: Adrenaline New "Login Animation" tickbox option available on the Login Screen in the bottom-left corner (ticked by default). - This change allows the user the choice of seeing an HD image or a video animation on the Login Screen. * This option requires the HoN Client to be restarted to take effect. New Loading Screens have been implemented into the game based on some fan art! - Forests of Caldavar: "Forsaken Archer
  5. Welcome to Heroes of Newerth Version 4.8.6 - 22 September 2020 == New Content == New Pharaoh Avatar: Doge Anubis - This higher-definition Pharaoh avatar was taken from the HoN China client. He also happens to look like a dog of the Shiba Inu species, which greatly resembles the iconic Doge! == Design == = Hero Guides (NAEU/International Client Only) = Every single default hero guide in-game has been updated with `WhatYouGot's hero guides! Thank you for providing a much-needed update for HoN's hero guides. + `WhatYouGot is a competitive-level HoN player,
  6. Welcome to Heroes of Newerth Version 4.8.5 - 28 July 2020 == New Content == New Monkey King Avatar: Jade Macaque - This higher-definition Monkey King avatar (originally Six Eared Macaque) was taken from the HoN China client. Refined with jade visual effects, Jade Macaque is ready to dazzle Newerth! New Animated & Static Wallpaper for the Login Screen: King Klout * This may not show up for some clients due to technical issues. This will be resolved in the future. == New Items == New Item (Supplies): Golden Apple - Cost: 70 Gold - Non-stac
  7. Welcome to Heroes of Newerth Version - 9 June 2020 == HoNiversary == NAEU/International Client only changes: due to unforeseen technical difficulties, the following changes have taken place for our HoNiversary events: - HoNiversary Sublime Name Colour: if you have legitimately purchased a $50 or $100 Gold Coin package during the event period (June 2 to July 2, 2020), please contact Customer Support with proof of purchase & they will handle your request. - Daily login rewards: disabled due to an infinite exploit. - Silver Coins for playing
  8. Welcome to Heroes of Newerth Version - April 14, 2020 == Design == = Hero Balance = Gemini Fire and Ice (Staff of the Master effect changes): - Fire and Ice's "Together in Bright Spirit" subability now place Lightning Form's passive ability on cooldown when the spellcast finishes. - Lightning Form: max Movement Speed granted to Light reduced from 750 to 650. - Light: now suffers a 67% Damage Penalty (i.e. deals 33% Damage) if both Fire & Ice are within 900 radius of Light. _______________________________________________ == Bug Fixe
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