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Found 4 results

  1. Last I heard, almost as many people play Midwars as Caldavar. What changes would Midwars players like to see? Most suggestions should go in the Suggestions forum but feel free to briefly mention well thought-out ones, particularly in relation to commonly-perceived issues. ElementUser suggested starting a thread on problems perceived in Midwars. We had a messy one in the old forums full of random suggestions. Let's try getting consensus on the problems first.
  2. hello good afternoon, my accounts are all suspended and now I can not enter the game, the reason was because according to I prevented the rune from grabbing and blocking the passage of a companion to kill him and for that reason I was given 3 weeks of suspension when I have been carrying me for several months well and without any infringement. The only thing I did is play quietly and win the team I also had problems with my PC screen that would freeze for no reason and I had 250 to 300 Ping and the game crashed I never tried to lose my team I hope you understand my situation
  3. sorry if this is not the right place to file this complaint but i have to do it. Now to prevent a companion from picking up the rune, do you receive 3 weeks? When the only thing you do is play and give your best in the game and now they come out with this, my 3 accounts are suspended for the slightest lack you even make to remove the rune of the kongor now they suspend you for 3 weeks. Just be careful that now the SGM have put the batteries and for the minimum lack that you do they report the account and give you ban and avoid insulting the microphone because it is not going to be because of that they also suspend you for 3 months this time, no longer Yes, stay in the game but it hurts that these things happen. well hopefully it will serve someone and be careful. no matter how much merit I do not think they will return my accounts. Thank you
  4. In Midwars, backdooring is at best an anti-climax but 70+% of the time, it just ruins the game. Everyone complains about it and it causes lots of post-game toxicity. Backdooring bypasses the whole point of Midwars (fun team battles) and makes it instead about wandering over here, warding, wandering over there warding, dum de dum oh missed a teamfight gg. That's if you remember/can be bothered. Remember Midwars is supposed to be the fun mode. The designers of HoN have acknowledged this, which is why backdoor protection already exists. It just isn't sufficient in Midwars (can't speak for Caldavar, haven't played it for years). I believe this protection is done by boosting the throne's armour. I don't know what boost would triple the effective hitpoints of the throne but the latter would generally give you time to get back and defend. The lvl 25 death timer is plenty to make sure the game ends in a fun and widely acceptable way. Note :This wouldn't change games which don't involve backdooring at all.
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