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Found 2 results

  1. Hi I used to play HoN on GeforceNow cuz I own a Mac and you don't make it for mac anymore. But today the game was removed from GeforceNow! Please reconsider if you asked for it to be removed, for me and all the mac/linux users who love your game!! Otherwise please contact Nvidia and make them fix this error!!
  2. Some of these are on my Reddit posts but I want to revise them so I'll write it all anyways. 1. GUNBLADE - "Gunner's" Grappling Hook (R) - boosted - cast range increased to 1000. CD reduced to 15s. Can now target on ground to throw grappling hook on first enemy hero hit. If ability is done this way, grappled enemy will be restrained and not be able to move away from him. While the target is affected by the ability, Gunblade can attack the target even at max range and gains a stackable +10% attack speed for each attack to the target. Click the ability again to go towards the target (even creeps & trees). If the ability hits a creep or a tree, no buffs will be gained. 2. WARBEAST - Alpha's Howl (W) - boosted - can't deny he is too simple and plain to play now that even his SotM boost just promotes a very lazy fighting style. So I'm suggesting to give him a damage bar to accumulate auto-attack damage from Warbeast and his 2 wolves through his Howl (W). Consuming this bar (Alpha's Howl, a created sub-ability to E) will allow him to force-Metamorph right into his wolf form after 3 seconds (and extends wolf form duration if casts during Metamorphosis) or summon another 2 wolves instead (total of 4) if desired . The damage bar will perish if Howl (W) ends prematurely. Forced Metamorphosis has a 20% chance to metamorph with a higher critical rate or summon +1 wolf. This is to put Warbeast on the same line that D2 Lycanthrope can do now. It feels like ported heroes from D2 are million miles left behind as of the moment. 3. DAMPEER - Vampiric "Stalk" - New SotM Additions - Double Click or Click to self to engage in flight mode. Allows him to have a wider radius night vision and a faster movement speed like a vampire stalking for prey but Dampeer cannot auto-attack during flight mode. Flight duration is 25s unless attacked, silenced, or activates a spell. 4. RIPTIDE - Undertow (W) - boosted - Upon casting Undertow (W), Riptide leaves a permanent water trail behind that ends right at the end of Undertow. Cast Range increased to 700(?). Undertow now grants an invulnerability when traveling (D2 Morphling) 5. BUBBLES is fine. But even as a SoTM lover, I still will not spend my 4.2K gold on him. Its boost is most likely for shrunkenhead-counter purposes and that's where all your 4.2K gold goes. Can it be a superior mini-stun applied every second? 6. DARK LADY -"Sphere" of Darkness (R) - boosted - Radius increased by 200. After casting the ability, Cover of Darkness will also continuously apply on the target area creating a sphere of darkness. Affected enemy targets will only regain their point of view if they return inside the sphere. Nobody will have a view of the inside unless he enters the sphere himself. Targeting abilities as well as ground-targeting spells will still work when you hover the cursor towards the sphere. But it's more like of guessing where the target is. 7. SOULSTEALER - New SOTM additions - Negative Armor aura must also be changed to Negative Magic Armor Aura. Demon Hands' casting time must be greatly reduced to the point wherein Soulstealer will transition from a carry to a pusher/support/magic burst. From the usual Agility luxurious items to another ways of playing him like a supportive/magic/burst like Post Haste, PK, Kuldra, Armor of the Mad Mage, Grimoire, Euls, Codex. 8. KINESIS - We know Kinesis loves to lift stuffs and trees. But his 1-tree lift before was very beneficial to escaping, chasing, and providing shield. I know this may look insane on paper but an ability steal, 1-tree lift and cluster of tree-lift (placed on W and E respectively), his shield, and his enemy lift (which may make it better if it can also affect allies for damage mitigation and saving purposes) is the best skill set he can ever have. If the tree-lift damage is too much, then damage reduction is fine. 9. DRACONIS - New SotM Additions - Leaves Cataclysm volcano remnant at the end of duration. Max of 1 volcano. 20% chance to activate the volcano again upon traveling. 10. Amun-Ra - "Devastating" Rebirth (R) - boosted - Can now revive at will or wait until he revives automatically to deceive foes. On rebirth, applies a greater Ignite (W) that affects enemies within 600 radius that knocks them back. A dying Amun-Ra is for sure in distress and needs a moment to breathe. 11. ACCURSED - New SotM additions - Before Ult ends, Accursed absorbs 10% of the last damaged received and temporarily add to his damage. 12. NOMAD - Mirage Strike illusion - boosted - Mirage Strike (E) illusion now gains 100% attribute, damage and damage taken, and mirrors Nomad abilities when casts. (This means it will be like a real Nomad coming to you but turns out to be an illusion after a moment to deceive enemies.) The illusion will continue to live for another 3s until it reaches its target. If Nomad is disrupted, stunned or silenced or when he mirrors an ability his abilities while the illusion is travelling, the illusion will last only for 3s. 13. OOGIE - "Unstable" Surge (R) - boosted - After activating the ability, activate to transform again in a terrible form that gives either a +100 Movement Speed and +100 Attack Speed boost or Removes the limit of Tar Quakes (Q) at the cost of own health per second. 14. WARCHIEF - "True" Spirit Walk (W) - boosted - The Invulnerable Spirit now mirrors Warchief which means like a real Warchief coming to attack them with 70/80/90/100% damage and All-Terrain Walking. Channeling time increased to 6s. 15. QI - A "Million" Cuts (W) - boosted - Throws a second blade after 1s. Activate again to channel the blades toward the cursor. 16. FORSAKEN ARCHER - "Heavy" Piercing Arrows (R) - boosted - Each arrow also knocks back enemies. After using all the 8 arrows within 4s, the image leaves heavy piercing arrow pickables. When picks up by Forsaken, it grants 2 stackable "Heavy" Piercing Arrows Shots that only proc forward when attacking and when Split Fire (W) is turned off. Double-click the ultimate to consume and grants 4 stackable arrows instead. 17. SILHOUETTE - 2 SHADOWS (R) - boosted - You heard it right. Now spawns 2 Shadow illusions. Like-A-Ninja swap prioritizes the nearest illusion to Silhouette. I don't know but it seems not enough as an SotM boost so I'm suggesting to reduce the cooldown of Like-A-Ninja or the ability itself. 18. PEARL - "Maximum" Preservation (R) - boosted - Can now be targeted on the ground. Activate again to reduce the circumference of the sphere, push enemies inside and trap them inside the protected area. No abilities/spells can save them from being trapped except abilities from outside. Auto-attacks and spells outside of the protected area have 25% damage reduction on allies. 19. ELECTRICIAN - Cleansing "Power" Shock (R) - boosted - Can now target Defense Structures; attack speed will be doubled while also has a 15% chance to attack with a mini-Cleansing Shock to an enemy. Repeatedly using the ability also grants +15% attack speed to Electrician. 20. SKRAP - "Trained" Vorax (R) - boosted - Trained Vorax means he becomes controllable but stays in its lane but only with 3 active skills. Attack, Defend, and Retreat. Attack means push forward. Retreat means return back to fountain. Defend is to hold its position, becomes ranged and acts like a defensive structure. However, this ability can only be enabled when on a destroyed structural post. But what if Vorax becomes as one with the structure if there is nearby? 21. LODESTONE - "Super" Shatterstorm (R) - Can now be activated to detonate early. Radius is increased to 700. Allies hit will receive Lodestone Plates for 4s. 22. CHRONOS - "Backtrack" (W) - New SotM rework - Toggle to change the ability from Rewind to Backtrack. Backtrack (W) puts the SotM effect on Time Leap (Q) which heals the health of Chronos back to the time before an event happens to him. It also greatly reduces its cooldown to 4s. However, Rewind's SotM effect still focuses on his Ult which also increases the radius of Chrono Field (R) by 200 units. 23. MARTYR - New SotM Additions - Healing a full health or semi-full health ally will completely heal and create a temporary second life bar that perishes in 3s. Works on Martyr, too. 24. GRAVEKEEPER - Zombie "Invasion" (R) - boosted - Duration is increased by 2s. Zombies picked up through Defiling Touch (E) can now be added to the amount of zombies being spawned by his Ult (max of 10 units). Zombies now have 1.5x increased starting movement speed, gain a +10% buildup overtime, and have an increased attack radius. 25. PUPPET MASTER - "Evil" Doll (R) - boosted - Any active ability of Puppet used on the doll takes the control away from the enemy player. Casting Voodoo Doll gives an Overriding Command Mark from Puppet which allows the user to use the enemy's item or cast his ability, stop/cancel/disturb his stuff, or simply move the enemy to a location. After casting Voodoo Doll, any active ability of Puppet Master casts to it will grant +1 Overriding Command (max of 2). An Overriding Command execution lasts for 1s or 2s if it's a movement or stopping command. Overriding Command mark status only lasts when Voodoo Doll is still active. I wish it can happen not only through his ult. 26. NIGHT HOUND - "Total" Invisibility (R) - boosted - Every time Night Hound uses an ability, he goes beyond his limit and completely becomes invisible which is unrevealable, unattackable, untargettable, and invulnerable. This lasts for 2s. 27. TAROT - "Farther" Scry (W) - boosted - Gives +1 more Far Scry charge. If the marked enemies are within 800 units around the target you attack, your attacks will get them both. However, if the marked target is away but within 800 units of the other marked target within 800 units of the target you attack, your attack will still seek the farther enemy until both become out of range. 28. PROPHET - "King" Raven Form (R) - boosted - Attacking or casting spells in this form will no longer lower the duration. Taking damage from enemy players will no longer remove the movement speed bonus. Increases vision by 100. 29. DEMENTED SHAMAN - "Global" Healing Wave (W) - boosted - If Healing Wave is done on a very far location or globally, it will start healing the first target then chain to the second nearest, third, until all allies around the map receives the heal. Enemies around them still receives the damage. (Like D2 Prophet's Ultimate) 30. CALAMITY - Sunder's Vault (R) - New SotM Additions - After the damage hit the center, it is released and will spread away in different directions continuously even if the ability ends already. The spread radius is 1000. It's like a firework. 31. WILDSOUL - "Lone" Booboo (Q) - boosted - If Wildsoul is away or dead, Booboo can still live and be able to attack even without his master's presence. No longer deals damage to Wildsoul when it dies. 32. PARASITE - Infest (W) - New SotM Additions - Can now infest even on tier 1 player-controlled units. Moreover, Parasite can now directly cast his spells and items even when still inside a unit. However, to reduce the frustration of being a Parasite, staying inside for too long drains the unit's effectiveness. Which means even speed, damage input and skill effectiveness are significantly reduced. 0s = 100% effectiveness 15s = 75% 30s = 50% 45s = 25% 60s = Force Parasite to consume or get out of the target. Now to give anti-Parasite fans more moments to rejoice, consuming or getting out of an infested unit makes Parasite vulnerable to damage, inflicting him a 30% self damage amplification for the sin he made. 33. MONARCH - Gust Wind (R) - New SotM Additions - is now Global. Enemies will be pushed back when the second Gust Wind comes in. 34. MIMIX - "Extra" Schism (R) - boosted - Casting an ability creates +1 Schism illusion for 30s. 35. RAVENOR - "Supreme" Blades (W) - boosted - Increases the proc to 4 attacks. Increases the radius forward up to 700 units away. Increases the number of units affected to 6/7/8/9 targets. 36. KANE - Face Off (R) - boosted - Grants 15% chance that an attack will proc Face-off. Moreover, every successful attack that Kane makes during Face Off steals 0.5/1/1.5 damage from enemy permanently. 37. BALPHAGORE - Hell on Newerth (R) - boosted - Changes the damage output from Magic to True Damage. Adds 15% Balphagore's lost health to total damage. 38. KING KLOUT - "Mega" Goblin Toss (Q) - Adds White Goblin which is the same as Green but can bounce to an ally and heal for the same amount. Adds Black Goblin which is the same as Blue but inflicts fear or stun for 1s. Ability can be activated when stunned or silenced. 39. RAMPAGE - "Royal" Rhino (R) - boosted - No longer has a delay and pushes the enemy target closer to you. However, if an enemy gets nearby or attacks you, another Greater Rhino will be applied to the nearest enemy hero nearby. 40. GLADIATOR - 1st Version - Pitfall "Menace" (Q) - boosted - Can now be casted globally. When successfully hit an enemy hero, it leaves a Pitfall mark on the area for a long time. The next enemy who steps on it will trigger it after 1s for a second Pitfall. 2nd Version - "Global" Pitfall (Q) and "Global" Call to Arms (R) - boosted - Can now be casted globally. Call to Arms (R) now has a 2x faster arriving speed. However, Showdown (W) duration is increased up to 10s if casts to self. 41. VINDICATOR - Final Chapter (R) - boosted - (Double-clicking Q and E should cast the ability on his location for QoL purposes.) When an enemy dies through kill or assist, while taking 1 intelligence from him, Vindicator applies a 1s silence in 1000 radius to enemies. 42. ENGINEER - "Advanced" Spider Mines (E) - Spider Mines now have an increased attack and detonate radius and mine count. After casting The Keg (Q), leaves 1 spider mine on the location. After casting Steam Turret (W), leaves 1 Spider Mine on the location. After casting Energy Field (R), all the nearby Spider Mines within 1000 radius will rush toward the enemies inside the field and detonate. 43. ADRENALINE - "True" Ember Shards (E) - boosted - Now also restores 4/5/6/7% current mana from auto-attacks. Also removes Shard Blast (Q) cooldown. 44. KRAKEN - New SotM Additions - Tsunami Charge (W) can now drag 5 units forward, prioritizing enemy heroes. 45. FAYDE - "Natural" Reflection (R) - boosted - Makes the ability passive. Passively removes the cooldown when no enemy is nearby within 2000 radius.
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