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Found 2 results

  1. now all my accounts are suspended. 1: according to why I was trying to commit suicide to a friend and steal runes on purpose and for that reason they gave me 3 weeks when I have been playing quiet for months without harming my team and without committing any insults and I get away with this. 2: they gave me 3 days of silence but when I enter the game I get that my account is suspended, I am going to file my appeal and it does not come out because they suspended me, you tell me this is fair that I suspend you when there is no reason for suspension problem? 3: they gave me 3 weeks of suspension and 2 weeks of silence, when I have this account without using several days and without using it much and now it turns out that it is suspended? for abuse of mouth. 4: I suspended the account for abuse of articles and give me 3 days suspension? just for selling my items and disconnecting from the game when my team makes mistakes like committing suicide, doing ks, robbing a jungle farm? and now they blame me for the smallest detail. This is already incredible, now it turns out that the SGMs were put on batteries and the accounts are suspended for small reasons when I made many reports and received all the rejected reports. I no longer understand what happens with the game every day there are many errors and starting with the SGM that now suspend accounts for the minimum reasons they do when playing, I no longer know this game is going well every day I don't know whether to leave it or continue with the reports that come to me from the SGM. well thanks for giving me this space and listening to me
  2. Hi I used to play HoN on GeforceNow cuz I own a Mac and you don't make it for mac anymore. But today the game was removed from GeforceNow! Please reconsider if you asked for it to be removed, for me and all the mac/linux users who love your game!! Otherwise please contact Nvidia and make them fix this error!!
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