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Found 3 results

  1. My direction for Zephyr would be: - Nerfing his flash farming available from the start archetype. His stat and gain is abysmally low to compensate for his jungle farming permanent damage + constant healing from creeping. - I want to curb the differences between highs and lows in 2 spectrums with extreme gaps of Zephyr that are: 1. Cyclones critical mass and 2. Farming advantage. - If i want to nerf his farming advantage and his critical mass of cyclones, i have to introduce a new mechanic to the hero because outside of being bloated by those 2 high ends, his Typhoon has too high cooldown and his normal skill set doesn't function unless he's already too hard to kill and deals too much damage. He's currently too weak if he's anywhere but his extremely high curve. What i would do: Increase starting stats and stats gain to be a normal hero again, not having to rely on being obese. Cyclones: Passive: Gives 3 cyclones that deal 6/8/10/12 dps (18/24/30/36 total, same number with current first level but half of the current critical mass) and slows for 0/5/10/15% (non stacking, i don't want to give Zephyr generic MS boost, i don't like how he only has cc that is his ult and i don't like how he's forced to buy Ghost Marchers). Q: Gust: Now spawns cyclones along the way, destroys trees. Cyclones (if leveled) last for 3/4/5/6s and slows for an extra 0/5/10/15% (adds up with innate slow from E, totaling 30%). The idea is to give Zephyr's flexibility and space control a real use, he can either pull them in or push them away and put cyclones that slow when they want to move the path you don't want them to. Cyclones should spawn in a wavy pattern and stretch for the whole gust length + distance number (wiki says 625, but in testing i find it more likely to be 400) so that you get affected by 1 cyclone and slowed in the wind path. Damage, manacost, cooldown adjusted accordingly. W: Wind Shield: Project a 300 radius windshield around self, granting allies within 20/25/30/35% evasion against enemies from the outside, granting Zephyr 20/35/50/65 attack speed and 3 extra cyclones while he's inside. Lasts 8s or until Zephyr leaves the area. Manacost: 50/60/70/80. Cooldown: 18/16/14/12s. R: Typhoon: Radius increased to 600, cooldown reduced to 100/85/70s. Max damage and slow reduced to 40/55/70 and 70%. I think a more frequent and lower cd ultimate is needed if Zephyr's to be viable outside of jungle, current ultimate is too strong and works too well for Zephyr's one-fight-and-afk-farm playstyle while having too high down time should he want to be more active. => Coupled with Q and W changes, Zephyr can fully become a space control/area denial hero. This is the general direction i want to take Zephyr to, to address these core problems i see in his current form: - Having only one viable playstyle that is to passively farm in jungle until hit critical mass. - Not giving the player choices, the hero plays itself and you have to stay on the high curve that is max cyclone and being too fat to handle and end the game early. Fall off this high curve and the hero is too lacking in synergy and options for late game items for the players to make choices to impact the game's result. - Overlapping with Ra. A less radical proposal that i have, is to have Typhoon lower cyclone generation cooldown, to 16/12/8s perhaps, Sotm lowering it to 4s will still be doubling it. Also lessens the hero's dependence to Sotm. If this somehow pushes the hero over the curve and he ends up being overbearing again, then we can nerf some numbers elsewhere, as this would be a much needed QoL for the hero.
  2. The perceived problem with RNG-based ability in general is that they are fine when taken as a whole, but any individual occurence gives a binary results : it either happened or it didn't. With Legionnaire's spin, Chronos' bash, basher, and similar effect that procs on attacks, it's generally fine. You do enough attacks in a game that even if you were "unlucky" for a certain string of events, when looking at the game as a whole, the sheer amount of attack will make it that you'll be close to the expected rate for the ability and generally people will feel that they met their expectetions. And even when it goes down to the "fight" level, you usually have enough attacks so that your ability will proc (especially given that most abilities have a hard cap and proc when a number of attack without triggers are met). So it seems fair. In the case of Blacksmith, the problem is that it triggers on ability. In a single skirmish, Blacksmith may have cast only 4 or 5 abilities. Even with 50% chances, on 5 cast, BlackSmith still have 18.75% chances to multicast 0 or 1 time. So maybe it only triggered once, and it was on "Frenzy", and Blacksmith was alone so it empowered a creep. The player feel like it was a waste. Or maybe it triggered twice (31.25%), but it was on the 2 Fireball he did cast. So the enemy on the other side felt very unlucky. Being "lucky" or "unlucky", and well within the limit of the RNG, may swing the fate of a fight (and maybe a game when late game) without any reason than "luck". I don't want to remove luck : I propose to reduce the high variance. Since there aren't so many abilities cast during a fight, and even during a game, I propose to tweak the odds to balance the fate. Without going too much into details (it's still the balance dump), I propose to have a hidden state on Blacksmith that has the "current luck status". This state would conceptually be a counter representing the multicast actual rates. High value would meant that the multicast have procc'd at a higher rate than expected and low value means it hasn't procc'd as expected. Numbers are to be tweaked and defined, but conceptually, it would be a "hidden buff" that would affect the multicast percentage by let's say up to +/- 10%. So let's assume for the sake of example that Blacksmith has a multicast chances of 50%. if he hasn't been lucky and the *actual* multicast in the last X spells (let's say 20) cast has been 5/20, (so actually 25%), the status would buff the multicast odds to 60%, and when it will procc, the current hidden status will update. So let's say after next spell he multicast, he is now at 6/20 (30%). Maybe the status will buff the multicast odds up by only 8%, to 58%. and it will readjust every time the spell is cast. When the average will reach 50%, the expected odds, the status will apply a modifier of 0%. If on the contrary BS gets lucky, and exceed 50%, the status will apply a "debuff" to the odds and lower them down, to a minimum of 40% (in our example). Now numbers could be tweaked, last X spells could actually be since the beginning of the game, or last X min, or last X spell cast. All to be defined (and it may also vary depending on how difficult it will be to code). Similarly, we need to decide if we carry over the "luck" when the muticast is leveled up, or do we start from scratch. And how will these % will vary with the "score" of multicast (do we consider a 4x multicast like 4 actual proc instances or just a single multicast occurence ?). I have my take on these questions, but I feel it should be openly discussed.A lso, I think the status of current luck should be hidden (to avoid the "let's prepare and buff the numbers before a fight), but a point could be made that it could be "public knowledge" too. So there is much left do discuss and defined, but I think it would make Blacksmith more consistant in his inconsistancy, more fun to play and more fun to play against.
  3. Can we adress the fact that Drunken Master has a passive ulti that deals more physical damage ultimate than deadwood? I'm openning the discussion to this because I think that, even though the win rate doesn't really show that, this hero is overpowered right now. Countless times I've beaten mid really hard and then, suddenly, when the enemy drunken gets level 6, he is able to solo me, even if I'm a tank. I think that when you're forced to buy void against a hero with no items, that hero should be, at least, addressed. My suggestions for changes on the ultimate: 1. Increase the number of "strike points" to 4 - This would make the ulti WAY harder to land, requiring actually some skill to do it, and not only w -> q 2. Reduce/Rescale the damage done or change it from flat to % of attack damage - this would make the hero weaker without items and stronger with items. 3. Make the ulti an active ability - I personally don't like this one but, at least, it would require some mana and would give the hero some down time for you to be safe from one shots. Please give me your thoughts on what and if the hero should be changed.
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