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Found 2 results

  1. I started playing HoN again around 1 month ago. So im not a pro. I like the game, and just want to have a decent time when playing. But there is so many toxic players in this game. And i dont get, why there is no consequences. Some of my fried who played HoN where trying it out again after 1-2 year break. But after 4-5 games dident care about the game because people where toxic. My last game some idiot was talking about we should CC or go kill our self, and some stupid racist stuff. And 2 teammates left the game. not a descent time IMO. love the HoN reborn and hopes it will help to a better community. But atm its broke... I fell like every time i report a player its just CBA from staff. Just need to get all of my rage out. Hope the game will go on for a lot more years, and the player base will grow again.
  2. Yo, I'll start with an example as usual: Nitro 0/8/0 KDA 5 minutes into the game who start to ward the team jungle only to block you, the 5/0/5 KDA 700 GPM War Beast, from farming. You confront him but instead of owning up to the grief he starts deflecting: "fu wb trash u only farm u should have helped me", what do you do? Report and CC 15 unless miracles is the usual answer, this means that the current RAP system is broken since the damage is already done when GM's come with the banhammer. To fix this I suggest to make things more live via making it so when a player is reported X times in a game a (team of) GM's should be able to join as spectator(s) of the "live replay" with a lil delay to prevent maphax but with the abillity to pause the game as to discuss with players what's up in real time and solve the issue. In order for this to work properly GM's should be able to kick, ban & replace griefer(s) with fresh respectable players instantly thru a replacement system like I suggested in this thread. With this in place griefers will get their shit rekt in real-time, not a few days or weeks after the incident, hopefully also making it clear to them what's cool and not cool effectively preventing further abuse. Taking things one level higher would be to build a next-level self-learning AI that automatically flags malicious intent for inspection with high accuracy. The closest thing to this atm (?) is Google Perspective, it's not perfect but could definitively be used in-tandem with a squad of respectable GM's to better keep things in check. This better be a thing in HoN in the near future . Also thank you GM's for doing the exhausting (yet somewhat interesting I bet) work of sorting out & dealing with toxicity tl;dr?????????????????????????????? read the bold text only
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