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  1. So, The most annoying thing there is with Heroes of newerth is when you get that troll kid which demands a lane even though it has already been called. Well, actually, the most ANNOYING part of the game is when you play that game in pure anger, you report this person and you wanna look for a new fresh game and try to forget about this 40 minutes you just wasted on someone who wasnt raised right and you get the same player on your queue again. I rather wait 10-15 minutes to find a game then to actually get the same player on my team again. Please implement so that once you have reported someone, they cant end up in your queue the next game, it 99% of the times becomes a troll game as well and it f*ing sucks. Thank you, Lud
  2. Is there any way to find out what i did to get my accounts suspended? It is my first time using the RAP forums. I tried to log in to the HON RAP website but it doesn't show me having a ticket open or the thing that shows you what you did or how long the ban is. I'm just curious to what I did cause I don't feel like I did anything wrong. I never grief in game, I try my absolute best to never insult and call people bad names. I don't think I did either so I don't understand why I would be banned. Is it possible that my room mate who uses my computer did something on his account and then we got ip banned? He said he didn't do anything to get ip banned and we checked his to see if he had a RAP and he didn't have one either. I even tried to create a new account and login and it still says "Account Suspended".
  3. 10 years playing this game, since the beta, i never switched to other games like lol or other mobas simply because i love hon but every single game i play a lot of ppl just being afk or deliberate afk farming jungle, also blaming and they say a lot of things, i really dont care about reports, im only report the rEALLY abusive players, then im banned and i report A LOT OF PPL (playing a lot of games) and nobody gets a fucking ban, instead, you ban me for say X things, good job guys. You can check all my reports here, nobody is banned, only me, thats hon. https://ibb.co/VSZy2MG
  4. I filed a report but no action was taken. At exactly minute 9 gametime he started running me into enemy team tower while I was disconnected. When I logged back in, I was 0-6 .. How is this behaviour not punishable?
  5. I suggest introducing new fines for certain violations. I don’t support violators and try not to violate it myself, but sometimes I violate it non-specifically I hope you understand and do better for everyone introduce punishment to play public games and be sure to win to clear the penalty; say 10 games you need to win so that you can play in the rating again there is no need to completely block the account, since the user does not have the opportunity to buy items or things in the store. those who violate on purpose they will violate it regardless of the punishment, and those who do not on purpose, I personally think that it is too severe a punishment to completely block the account Thank you for understanding the developers of the wonderful game HON.
  6. Hello, My account was banned on account of chat abuse. I didn't start it. The person abused me for no reason because I went top lane. What was I suppose to do? Bend over and take it? Please check chat log and award him the ban as well. Chat abuse should not be tolerated from either parties. Just because he reported it doesn't mean he is exempt from the rules. I didn't start it. I was only retaliating.
  7. I've seen this happen a few times where you have a player that enters the game then disconnects within the first few seconds of the picking stage. Then you'll remake the game and find that same account doing the exact same thing the next game, so you have to remake it again. There's no way to report the person and it doesn't count as a disconnected game so they can keep doing it. I'm thinking someone made a bot to do this and it's not even a person, very annoying.
  8. Hello, I can no longer log into my account ("konaan"). I haven't been playing for a while, hence I have no idea why my account would have been suspended. I tried to contact the RAP GMs on https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/helpdesk/tickets/new, but as soon as I submit a ticket a red empty box appears without any input errors and my input gets deleted. Can you clarify this to me? Best, konaan
  9. I have the feeling that the report system is rigged or somehow is not taking serious. I reported someone over the RAP Menu, because i couldnt report that person ingame, because i dced in the beginning of the picking phase. The SGM Shattered answered quick with "This section is not a replacement for the in-game RAP system." which is fine, because i can understand you dont have the menpower to deal with all the reports. But i explained myself, that i was not able to report the person via right clicking someones icon on the top left corner and thats why i do it here. His response was "right click doesn't work anymore, you report after the game ends" then i replied with "Does that also work in MidWars ? Because thats the only mode i am playing. And is this report now sufficient? Was i right about his conduct? He verbally abused his teammates and then refused to play with one of them. regards" And 48H i heared nothing from him (i replied twice to remind this ticket is still open). Then his late response "If he indeed break the rules then he will get suspended, but since you have low priority, you can't single report him, you will have to ask some friend of yours to help him report him, if multiple persons report the same individual then the report will go through!" Is an indicator for me, that frostburn does not care about reports and/or does not have sufficiant personall to deal with reports. It should not matter if my priority is low or not what. I said that to him (maybe a little bit harsher but not insulting) and his repsonse was: "Please go and read the threads on our rap feedback forums and then if you have a problem you can submit a ticket. till then i guess we have nothing to talk about!" and the ticket of me is on " locked status" When one TEAMMATE asked another TEAMMATE for an item (lets say in my example staff), then the right response is either "yes sure" - "no i am not building it" or "later if i get the gold". But the TEAMMATE'S response was very negative, i dont have the exact words, because i cant see them anymore in the RAP-Menu but he refused and insulted his TEAMMATE, then i replied with "thats great teamplay" and he said to "stfu retard" and from that on he played for himself and not for the team.(and i explained that situation to shattered) But that doesnt matter , why? because my "priority" is low.. i call BS there. I explained griefing and verbal abuse, two offenses and the SGM didnt care, for whatever reason, he even didnt explained, how the report system is working for MidWars, he disregarded me completly and thats really frustrating.. Does any other SGM or player experiences the same behaviour or does shattered has something personal against me? I would like to hear your stories because i have a feeling the report system needs a rework ASAP, people dont report because they are not taken serious or because they know nothing will happen/change. regards
  10. Hello i cant log in my account and the message is that i m suspended for 900 months for Regular reason(???) can someone explaine me what is that all about and if there is any reason i face that behavior?
  11. Hey, First off I'd like to state that he has written an inquiry in the RAP system. As have I. My friend Math_Pro has been banned and I'm attempting to appeal this. The accounts he logs into are not specifically banned but it appears his IP is. Plays 5 days a week and never griefs the game. So HoN is the only game he plays that he enjoys I'm wondering if I can get an appeal on this. He doesn't know the exact reason he was IP banned yet. From what I've been told it is either account sharing or 'stat manipulation.' I'm unsure as to which. The only reason he needs to go on lower accounts is because once we hit Diamond 2-1 there's no more Q's to be had until certain people log in and we either Q against them or set up an inhouse. He especially can't go to EU to play on 300 ping as he's from Brazil. EU ping makes me angry enough already and I average about 179 there. So I play on a D1 or Legendary and he plays on a silver or gold (though it eventually reaches diamond of course) and then we restart the process so we can get a lot of games. If we both sit on Diamond 1's we can Q for 2.5+ hours and not get a game. Which is a long time to sit in a Q. Anyway, since he's sort of in the dark about his ban at least please give an explanation + how long. And please consider unbanning the man.
  12. blocked the account for some reason Your Heroes of Newerth account has been suspended. Start: 2020-07-13 15:05:05 End: 2020-08-13 15:05:05 Type: Regular Name: 1-month suspension Note: If the suspension name contains a "then" action, this new suspension will automatically be applied after your current suspension ends. Note: If you are suspended for a bad nickname, you must wait until the Type becomes "Bad nickname" before you can change the nickname. didn’t break the rules of the game and there are no messages in my direction that I am guilty somewhere and in general the punishment system is too strong do not you think? that you need to soften it as in DotA 2. play in public games 10 matches of victories and you can play in the ranking!
  13. [Redacted] WAS intentionally GRIEFING ( I do not know and i do not care why he griefed ) . I am just stating fact because i was playing the game and he was saying whole game '' ok '' in chat , and on purpose he played as bad as possible to lose the game. Item choice , plays , and communication all proves that he was intentionally griefing. Since GM marked him as innocent , i will open topic here . I'm just trying to help HoN be better place for future players . Also he was reported by entire 4 other players ( we we're 3man que ) and we lost the game because of him.
  14. I still have an open ticket in which I was talking with `Shattered about me being wrongly banned, and we were in the process of fixing the issue when suddenly he stopped replying to me in the HoN GM panel. I cannot submit a new ticket, and my account is still permanently banned. Help me.
  15. Can some one really get not banned for intentionaly greifing his whole teammates by following one of his teamamtes to take all his farm and exp with no reason during all the match and losing the match in consequence i mean the guy did not say anithing and just griefed the jungler player on this match ID [removed] the griefer player whitout a reason just ruined the entire match, no one insulted him no one did anothing to trigger his bad actitud or bad actions toward the team so how can a player like him not get a bann ???? PS: the nick of the griefer player is [removed]
  16. I was banned 900 months, no explanation on the rap site, would like to know what is going on?
  17. Yeah, when i try to log-in i get this Message each time. It literally says Login Failed: __________________ Am i banned or wth is going on?
  18. I reported a player for intentional feeding - the player was running from fountain, to mid and dying on purpose. Did it 13 times in a row. I got the report back saying 'innocent'. How do i go about appealing that decision, so an obvious troll gets banned?
  19. Guys, i've seen many accs wich is loosing first 6 games with 0/0/0 on purpose to be silver 5 and pubstomp noobs. First they are griefing first 6 matches and players suffering , since they playing untill teams cant remake match and leaving , then they making silver tier players suffer by playing against this guys wich are not on their levels. i've reported to gms on canal HoN 1 about this accaunts they said "thanks" and didnt do anything about it, this guys still playing, i have already a list of this accs, i think we should perma ban this abused accs, we have to stop this unfair matches. Sry for bad english btw
  20. Is there any way we can update rap.heroesofnewerth.com to allow us to login and then switch through our sub-accounts (via dropdown maybe?) similar to how it is handled in the launcher? I have (like many others) a tendency to check in on my reports every so often but due to my sheer amount of linked subs, I often end up getting annoyed and frustrated, trying to find the ones I have recently filed a report under, as I tend to randomly pick different subs to play on. And I know I am not the only one xD
  21. Hey there! I got banned for 3 days and I can't defend myself, because the game was at 2018! I cant see whats happened and see if this is true or not, because I cant download the replay, so this is the right way to do? The ban already expired, but the problem is, the next wont be 3 days. The reports never expire? So, who got a false accusation can't defend yourself properly.
  22. "Not corroborated - This ticket was a single ticket against an individual in a single match." When we report a player feeding on purpose, the adminstration dont even care, so more and more toxic players get confortable doing their shit. I've been playing this game for 11 years now, even payed for it at the time, it is a shame that is abandoned like this. Love this game, but only the flies lies on it.
  23. Here we go: 5.29 kd player, decent gpm/xpm. That's a pretty good status for a... Wait. Silver 5? How can a guy kill and win so much and stay silver 5? Clearly, silver 5 is not his place. So, this is where the "magic" begins... I could spend the whole night sending a print of his games, where he makes the real silvers 5 lose on purpose, refusing to play until he has a margin to win the games again without increasing his rank. If that is not against the rules and liable to be banned, I wonder what will be. @ElementUser We have high mmr players playing in low brackets every day, but, eventually, they come up with a few games. But that?! What the fuck is that?! I am waiting for an answer regarding this.
  24. I've reported a guy today, i tried many times and report does not appear on my reports list on site rap.heroesofnewerth , so even reports already not working?
  25. Now this will probably immedeatelly call a few of you to arms as GM's are supposed to be unbiased in their judgement but I factually know a few (including one or two SGM) that are NOT! I don't either wanna break lose any argument or debate reagrding this as no matter what will be said, someone will end up being mad so I'll let this statement sit there all by itself and just simply add that it is factually impossible to remain entirely unbiased everytime. I am also not accusing any GM or SGM of anything before that kind of debate breaks lose either. My point is simply that to guarantuee unbiased judgement, a GM should NEVER have the reporting players name nor the reportee displayed on the report they receive. Nor should they for a fact see the players names on the replay. Due to how everything is set up, I figure the latter one will be impossible unless some small changes are introduced to how GM receive their replays (no more Match IDs, instead cloned replays will be provided through portal ONLY with only SGM being able to pull clearnames from the portals backend (or match IDs) should something go wrong. However that should include a log to keep track of when and why those informations were pulled. I am proposing this as GM are volunteers and in any other game that has GM handling tickets, they are employed and have no relation to any of the players (usually) which already puts this into a different light. However games that feature public judgement or selective public judgement, hide away players identities to ensure unbiased judgement or make it more prominent due to the lack of personal information that could make for a biased oppinion. I am suggesting this because there are scenarios during which I have witnessed biased judgement and brought it up (not only toward my person and not only in a negative way!) and things were rectified and corrected. However this was not always just on GM level so after debating myself for nearly 4 months now (yes!) I decided to post this. However let me point out that this is NOT in any relation to my departure from any of the volunteer groups I previously was part of! Best regards
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