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  1. Guys, i've seen many accs wich is loosing first 6 games with 0/0/0 on purpose to be silver 5 and pubstomp noobs. First they are griefing first 6 matches and players suffering , since they playing untill teams cant remake match and leaving , then they making silver tier players suffer by playing against this guys wich are not on their levels. i've reported to gms on canal HoN 1 about this accaunts they said "thanks" and didnt do anything about it, this guys still playing, i have already a list of this accs, i think we should perma ban this abused accs, we have to stop this unfair matches. Sry for bad english btw
  2. Is there any way we can update rap.heroesofnewerth.com to allow us to login and then switch through our sub-accounts (via dropdown maybe?) similar to how it is handled in the launcher? I have (like many others) a tendency to check in on my reports every so often but due to my sheer amount of linked subs, I often end up getting annoyed and frustrated, trying to find the ones I have recently filed a report under, as I tend to randomly pick different subs to play on. And I know I am not the only one xD
  3. Hey there! I got banned for 3 days and I can't defend myself, because the game was at 2018! I cant see whats happened and see if this is true or not, because I cant download the replay, so this is the right way to do? The ban already expired, but the problem is, the next wont be 3 days. The reports never expire? So, who got a false accusation can't defend yourself properly.
  4. "Not corroborated - This ticket was a single ticket against an individual in a single match." When we report a player feeding on purpose, the adminstration dont even care, so more and more toxic players get confortable doing their shit. I've been playing this game for 11 years now, even payed for it at the time, it is a shame that is abandoned like this. Love this game, but only the flies lies on it.
  5. Here we go: 5.29 kd player, decent gpm/xpm. That's a pretty good status for a... Wait. Silver 5? How can a guy kill and win so much and stay silver 5? Clearly, silver 5 is not his place. So, this is where the "magic" begins... I could spend the whole night sending a print of his games, where he makes the real silvers 5 lose on purpose, refusing to play until he has a margin to win the games again without increasing his rank. If that is not against the rules and liable to be banned, I wonder what will be. @ElementUser We have high mmr players playing in low brackets every day, but, eventually, they come up with a few games. But that?! What the fuck is that?! I am waiting for an answer regarding this.
  6. I've reported a guy today, i tried many times and report does not appear on my reports list on site rap.heroesofnewerth , so even reports already not working?
  7. Now this will probably immedeatelly call a few of you to arms as GM's are supposed to be unbiased in their judgement but I factually know a few (including one or two SGM) that are NOT! I don't either wanna break lose any argument or debate reagrding this as no matter what will be said, someone will end up being mad so I'll let this statement sit there all by itself and just simply add that it is factually impossible to remain entirely unbiased everytime. I am also not accusing any GM or SGM of anything before that kind of debate breaks lose either. My point is simply that to guarantuee unbiased judgement, a GM should NEVER have the reporting players name nor the reportee displayed on the report they receive. Nor should they for a fact see the players names on the replay. Due to how everything is set up, I figure the latter one will be impossible unless some small changes are introduced to how GM receive their replays (no more Match IDs, instead cloned replays will be provided through portal ONLY with only SGM being able to pull clearnames from the portals backend (or match IDs) should something go wrong. However that should include a log to keep track of when and why those informations were pulled. I am proposing this as GM are volunteers and in any other game that has GM handling tickets, they are employed and have no relation to any of the players (usually) which already puts this into a different light. However games that feature public judgement or selective public judgement, hide away players identities to ensure unbiased judgement or make it more prominent due to the lack of personal information that could make for a biased oppinion. I am suggesting this because there are scenarios during which I have witnessed biased judgement and brought it up (not only toward my person and not only in a negative way!) and things were rectified and corrected. However this was not always just on GM level so after debating myself for nearly 4 months now (yes!) I decided to post this. However let me point out that this is NOT in any relation to my departure from any of the volunteer groups I previously was part of! Best regards
  8. Yeah, i guess anyone knows the point and it happens so often. Someone calls and picks a jungle, the Suicide / Solo Lanes loses and starts griefing the Jungler, rightclicking him and lasthitting his creeps. At the Moment every time this happens i report it to ability / item abuse, because there is simply no other real point for it and often got no Feedback on these reports nor they are getting punished. This is one of the most annoying and stupid things in the Game and should've taken way more harsh into Bans as this happens way to often (in Silver to Legendary Games).
  9. One very simple, very easy suggestion I have: glance at the stats screen. If at the end of a 38 minute game, a player: is level 1 has a score of 0/0/0 has 10 APM then they were obviously avoiding AFK. The GM doesn't have to load the replay, or look at the griefer's blatant actions like buying and destroying all the team wards, canceling TPs with tablet, or trying (and failing) to feed the enemy team an eye with flying courier. When I asked the rest of my team to report this player as well, I was told the RAP system is a joke and doesn't work so they're not going to waste their time. I clearly see why they think that. Maybe add a check to not automatically dismiss Avoiding AFK tickets if the accused player has an abnormally low APM?
  10. Notice: Its a long post , that requires attention to read, so if u are bored, i will save ur time, sanks So in recent weeks i reported several people and got the : ` not corraborated, a single ticket was used etc etc ...` What exactly is reportable nowadays? i wanna know more about the loophole in the rules, were it is stated that a person maybe thinks that with farm will win late game, so he may not think he can defend and he prefers to accumulate gold, thus not doing an offense. That cant be always correct. As a lot of people just do this to grief, not to ensure anything, resulting in making 4 other people angry. i have 2 questions : 1 ) hypothetical scenario: If they are pushing towers, and the person constantly refuses to help, and maybe just comes back for rax, how is that not reportable? and i think u all understand abt the scenarios im talking: ex. chronos with ulty up,thunderclaw,geometers. why not to be an offend if he does it more than 2 times lets say. Opponent team gets free gold and we are just watching, having a nightmare game coz of a guy , who decided to play god (as he is the main damage source and lockdown), and make us suffer, coz maybe someone told him in chat `noob` or w/.e 2)real scenario: i was playing predator, had pretty good farm early, had a warbeast who snowballed hard,team gave me space. I was pushing top tier 2 tower, and hag and engi jumped me, petrified and tp'ed home, with 100 hp. I regen and walk torwards tier 2 bot( the lane was pushing it). and i saw team being around their kongor. so i pushed bot lane, while i told them in mic that i dont have tp, used it to go back to base( so they should care). I saw them engaging, warbeast lost his bloodbath, and started pinging at me, and flaming in chat. Then proceeded to go afk woods, bought a codex, using it on creeps, and for 20 minutes, he never helped us. we died a lot at that period. i was a preda with farm, ofc i would defend tier 2 and tier 3 towers(yes! tier 3 tower,right outside of the base we were still 4 v 5).we won at the beginning but i was dying a lot. we were 4 after all. at some point they were pushing rax, i was alone defending (that also its important as maybe there is the excuse of : we cant defend 2 people, but its an all around grief and this just put the cherry on top. and he kept being in woods. So is this reportable?.. ps: i was really calm, never said to him anything,i just suffered in silence. i just said at the end: revenant please report him also, so maybe the ticket will be checked
  11. My teammate was throwing by farming jungle and refusing to help team. Out of frustration of gamethrowers going unpunished , I called out his position ONCE to attempt to encourage him to play with the team. Under RAP review it lists it as a 'warning' but my entire account is banned. WTF? Please understand my frustration, and know that I don't throw games, I don't even like to cc. This ban is extremely disproportionate. The 'warning' ban isn't able to be appealed either, that option is greyed out. Please fix this error. The point of this post is to highlight the disproportion punishment and the fact that I am unable to appeal (system/IT problem?)
  12. Does the RAP feature work when your reporting a GM for ruining a game?
  13. Почему при раздаче бана нет нигде информации за что получает игрок бан? Почему когда дают бан не смотрят из-за чего был спор ?
  14. Hello. If you report some one, and they get a warning - how is this affecting your RAP-score? (Or what ever it is called) And if i recall, once you get above a certain threshold of correct report-%'s you can do solo reports. How is that determined? And can any one see what numbers i currently have?
  15. Hey, my ban was supposed to be lifted yesturday 22:06 EST. I still cant login to any of my accounts. And I cant create a ticket in rap. Whooops something went wrong so I am doing it here.
  16. This will be basically an continuation of this thread, since ElementUser closed it. This is the thread where my quotes are from too. TheEngineer_ wrote: Which is the correct time to use? Ingame Time or Replay Time? Shall the timestamp be set in the slider as well? This are certain a lot of unlucky coincidences at the same time but I see the problem with rage reports, especially if mates/clansmen play on the same team. This sounds nor like a refusal to participate neither like avoiding afk detection. Dying to Kongor due to miscalulation is legal as stated here. I have to agree. My energy on reporting is fainting, though I still reported an ability abuse today against one of three clansmen. I would bet a pretty nice amount on the outcome, if I would have the money. I very much like your analogy. It would show which value the well being of their ordinary citizens has in the eyes of the people in power. Pretty much reminds me of a failed state. Thank you for sharing my point of view stated earlier in the thread mentioned above. Though I can imagine the principle behind not disconnecting at all, I strongly recommend leaving if you are being griefed. You seem like a nice person which deserves to have a good time. Spare yourself the time, you truly deserve better! There is no point in playing a game in which you don't have to face only the enemies but your own teammates as well. I can surely understand you don't wan't to get back to Silver if you're Diamond. But I furthermore want to question the value of MMR today. Since there are countless of smurfs, the MMR you lose will actaully not result in being thrown to games with worse people, since the numbers of smurfs will rise on your downfall.
  17. Derived question from thread Here Personal messages to mods are restricted apparently. (didn't want to start a thread for this) Since I'm sure the mod that closed the above thread didn't bother to look into the info given, and instead resort to that sort of reply and close the thread, I will post this here. -> Is there any way to fetch and view old replays? -> If yes, how is it done? I tried looking in-game, I tried fetching it online (not found - not even the scoreboard shows) and tried finding information on how to do it before posting this, but without any success. Mainly, I'm trying to find and view the replay ID157707443, for reviewing my own actions and to see if indeed I was exaggerating in that post. Since some information and details might be lost through the passing of time, it would be great to know if old replays are still accessible. It got me thinking, I have to admit. I'm very curious if I have the same perspective looking at my own behavior years later. I also have some epic games I played with friends, for which I saved the ID's, and would be awesome to see them again. I really hope they are still accessible. The above question however, directly stems from a RAP-related topic which I would like to clarify with myself. Thanks a lot!
  18. I would like to know why, on which match, and for how long is my account suspended?
  19. Hello, now that I've learned filing inquiries is necessary in order to get some infractions sanctioned, is it possible to give some kind of automated feedback (status/mail/pm) to RAP portal inquiries like the status of ingame reports? Deeply appreciate the feedback in the forum to my last inquiry regarding stat manipulation! Are GMs recruiting btw? Greetings
  20. Since my thread “I got banned from a match 3years ago. What.” got locked, I wanted to make another one just saying the gm ”elementuser” arose my suspicion even more with his comment. My suspicion of the gentlemen who reported me, using a GM as a personal HoN police. This is the part that was not acceptable. Not me getting a 3day ban because of my language, I can somewhat see that. He took a screenshot of the exact match I was talking about.. I think you should look at the other messages he said about me and in voice chat before banning me though. Or at least ban your buddy as well
  21. As the title says. wth? I am generally a nice player. But today I got into a very heated argument with 2 guys about they not wanting to cc because I was a bad player and because I was dumb. I totally destroyed his arguments but he just kept going, so so did I. After the game ended I got banned after 10minuts. "$USERNAME is verbally abusive". It feels like he knows a GM and helped ban me for the first reason he could find. Not acceptable. This GM should be looked into
  22. did they add new IP bans? all accs seem to be banned on the same pc but not on others.
  23. Hi everybody, Sorry for my poor English , This Administrator of HON banned my accounts , REASON- i called Monory - Brainless in Appeal, And efter 3 days suspension they dindt open my account, after they added suspension for 6 month for nothing , before i loved HON and GMs , now UNprefossional GMs controling and puting own RUles , I will Delet HON forewer COZ realy they made me nervous , THis GM mafia guys , PLS all know they LIKILEAKs , Thanks For Attention
  24. Hi, Seeing an on-going issue where players are guilty of stat-manipulation, leaving their first 6 games. I've read other content here but still unclear as to where I should be going to report. Appreciate pointing me in the right direction/providing a link. Thank you.
  25. so why are u banning my ip, im too lazy too figure out how to change my ip, i agree with the ban 100%, but now im unbanned so unban me and my ip. thanks retards
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