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  1. Update (as of May 28, 2022) As updated with an accurate countdown timer in the in-game client, the time of HoN's service shutdown is planned for June 20, 2022 at 12:00 AM Eastern Time (GMT-4). ==== With a heavy heart, we are sad to announce the future of Heroes of Newerth. All details can be found on our official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/heroesofnewerth/posts/10158944411169102 Plain-text copy of the post is shown below:
  2. Hello fellow HoN players, It has been determined that certain "S2 Heroes" have been too overpowered/unhealthy for the game. These heroes have been disabled until further notice: Adrenaline Amun-Ra Apex Bombardier Calamity Deadlift Draconis Gemini Goldenveil Grinex King Klout Kinesis Lord Salforis Master of Arms Midas Nitro Oogie Parallax Parasite Ravenor Riptide Salomon Silhouette Skrap Solstice Tarot Xemplar Th
  3. Hi everyone, We apologize for the inconvenience caused this week by our 4.9.1 Patch. To compensate for this, simply log in this weekend (February 6 and 7, 2021) and you will earn a login reward of 500 Silver Coins! This can happen once on each of those days. - Frostburn Studios
  4. We will perform a 4.9.1 Hotfix Patch on February 5, 2021 at 1am EST. It will take approximately 2-4 hours to finish. Timezone disambiguation: https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=February+5%2C+2021+at+1am+EST+to+local+time As far as compensation goes, we will announce that when the time is right. Thank you for your patience!
  5. To fix the current HoN x64 client locally in the meantime: - Go to Bot Matches & start a game without any other players - After you pick a hero and enter the map, simply request a Remake This should fix your client until the next client restart - please do this every time you reboot the client until we have a hotfix released.
  6. Hi all, Please use the 32-bit client for the time being if you want to play HoN. A hotfix patch will be scheduled some time in the near future - we are coordinating this with Garena to be done as soon as they can based on their schedule. This hotfix patch also fixes a bug with Aluna's Power Throw. You can download this from our official website: http://heroesofnewerth.com/download/ We apologize for the inconvenience - we will consider giving out compensation after we have resolved all issues. Thank you for your understanding and patience!
  7. We're aware of some residual server issues. In the meantime, if you really want to play, please fall back to the 32-bit client and play Public Games.
  8. Hi all, The HoN forums & Customer Support portal is planned to undergo a server migration around 3am Eastern Time (EDT) on Tuesday, October 19, 2020. The amount of downtime is dependent on how long it takes for the DNS records to update, so it can range from an hour to several hours. The downtime should not last more than a day. Thank you for your patience! - Frostburn Studios
  9. Greetings! Our official Discord channel is up and running now! We are excited to announce our official Discord server for the international client to bring players together, like our FB page, this server is another official way to interact with Staff, volunteers and hang out with players to talk about game and anything else you feel like sharing. Use the following Link to join our official Channel and make sure to read the rules ? http://heroesofnewerth.com/discord (original link: https://discord.gg/F7gQtUm) Like most Discord servers, the official HoN Discord server
  10. Balphagore is temporarily disabled due to an unintended bug/behaviour with Demonic Pathogen when applied through his SotM-boosted ultimate. He will be re-enabled when a hotfix patch is applied. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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