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  1. Hello guys, What I have in mind is not an I lost a game and I have a need to cry in forum. Let me go back a little. I am a veteran dota and HON player who was here since beta. This is the game of my life. I honestly never played anything better. :) (even though I started playing after few years since family/work) My team once placed second in a tournament in my country. I am not saying that I was 1950 AngryTestie. I was a good 1600 1650 1700 player. But what is happening today I ve never experienced :) Accounts are free so its 100 times more toxic. Since they are free they dont care about ban or anything. They dont care of losing .. simply nothing :) For instance we go to a game with 2 other friends .. we call mid and top .. ok nobody saying anything .. all good .. we could have changed if someone else really wanted. So we pick - the other 2 guys simply dont care and pick devo preda lane / makes sense right? :) But this doesnt end. Not only devo leaves after 3 minutes but preda goes top . You know.. the called top by my 2 friends on teamspeak :) so I go mid SS against Hag. He starts losing so rampage from his team which was freefarming against nobody bot is ganking me and toxic hag simply wont stop chatting about how I am bad and he is the god.. Thats not the point but its like oh maaaaaaaaan really? Verdikt? CC15 and i lost some more MMR. I am not a gosu top plays player but I can really play .. Would be shame after all those years right.. I know counterpicks.. Items .. How to play the game in most situations. BUT NOBODY CAN TURN THIS **** RIGHT NOW I AM 1480 / 40 % win rate maybe less AND MOST OF THESE GAMES ARE BECAUSE OF THESE PLAYERS WHO HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO PLAY THE GAME OR HOW TO DO NORMAL PICK and I NEED TO PLAY MORE GAMES WITH BIGGER NOOBS which simply dont care. So please enlighten me how can we push MMR to play better games with atleast players who play the game seriously and can actaully talk about pick and do something and not LOSE SINCE MINUTE ONE. PLEASE TELL ME HOW because i ve never experienced the game being so bad. OR how about I tell you .. ACCOUNTS SHOULD NOT BE FREE and I should have option to pick a range of players that can play with me. Same as picking EU or America or whatever.. There should be option like - had account for 10 years , had account for 5 years or leaves percentage under...... or was not banned for etc.... Yeah i know maybe i could not find a game for 15 20 minutes instead of 3 minutes .. but since I CC or lose not by my fault after 15 20 minutes, then I dont really care about this :) Makes sense to me BRING HON BACK JointSmouka
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