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Found 2 results

  1. Allow wards to be self deniable. it takes 20 seconds for a ward to kill itself if an enemy begins attacking the ward it no longer attempts to kill its self. This will not refund any gold. Reasoning: Strategic ward placement that is no longer required due to lane pushing etc. Other: Mistakes involving blocking camps Cons: Players intentionally dening all wards but they could just place them anyway.. the off chance an enemy hero attempts to kill a ward and does not meet the 20 second timer.
  2. Lets say wards are suddenly free! Yes, that means they cost 0 gold! Let the supports rejoice! But what consequences does this present us? How does it affect Hon and is it a good or bad thing? Possible consequences: Ranked games are no longer are plagued by lack of vision. If wards are free most players will use them.(especially low mmr matches) Support heroes no longer need to worry about keeping gold stashed away for wards. Gold no longer affects the vision of the team. Now proper vision is dependent on the experience of the player placing the wards.
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