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Found 4 results

  1. Suggestion for this black friday, 2021 Offer a sale, $10 to link any account to a main account as a sub and combine all the owned items. Everyone I play with has an external account that they didn`t want to pay for. Time for frostburn to make a return on those free accounts. All players want all their skins on all accounts. I think it is a win-win. Even someone with 10 external accounts could probably end up spending $90 that day to link everything. $10 is my suggested price point to do this. Any more expensive, and It wont feel like a sale
  2. Greetings travelers! Winter is coming to newerth, and with it comes a month of weekly flash sales and I would like to hear what YOU want to see on the flash sales! So I figured I'd make a forum post to see what the community would like to see on the flash sale. It'll be a total of 20 alts/items during the entire month. So simply write what alt you wish to see on the flash sale and I'll see what Merrick allows us to do! Rules: Certain items are automatically exempt, including (but not limited to): subaccounts, stat resets, hero mastery boosts, exclusive name colours (e.g.
  3. City23

    Store glitched

    Hello. I'm having issues when i want to buy the Merrick Announcer. I have the required amount of silver coins to purchase it and it will display me this error. I apologize in advanced if i chose the wrong section/category to post this. Have a nice day.
  4. Naxxxx

    Store Bug

    Hello, so I tried purchasing the parasite ascension avatar from both the store and in game avatar selection and I keep getting error messages. I tried to purchase the avatar with Silver https://imgur.com/9dBmSH4
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