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Found 4 results

  1. Would it be possible in the future to allow us to separate midwars as an option in view stats. Currently, under "Match History" Tab, midwars game stats show up in the "others" category. If we could have our own category it would be great. Since there is already a public game stats option, can we just remove the Pub game stats from showing up in "Others" category and rename "Others" to "Midwars"? As for the "View Stats" Tab, if we could remove casual and add midwars, swap out PSR for MMR, but keep the rest of the summary page filled with Midwars stats.
  2. Hi, The game with ID 159355399 did not count in my stats. This has happened maybe 4-5 times already (and, of course, it only happens when I win...), but it's the first time I'm reporting it now. The odd thing is that it did count for other players in that game, just not for me. Could this be fixed? And how to prevent it from happening again? Thanks. EDIT: Fixed, after I reported in-game.
  3. _Hisa_


    Привет всем! Мой английский не очень хорош, но я постараюсь) Уважаемые разработчики, составьте статистику повреждений после смерти и в конце игры (как в DOTA2). Очень удобная штука. P.S. Я надеюсь, что вам нужно опубликовать это здесь = D
  4. Just a suggestion here, seeing as you can't reset the stats on the website anymore for $20 (Which I personally think is extortionate) can't you lower the gold price or even make it purchasable with silver coins? Makes it more as an incentive for players to play more. Even more important now as you guys are no longer going to make a new season. Many thanks
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