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Found 4 results

  1. Greetings HoN Team and Community.Trough the last week I encountered a Problem, that surely some players of the community encountered also.Yes I was banned and it was the right decision from the GM that did it. But as someone that is also involved in “game design” it gave me insight to the "MUTE/RAP-SYSTEM" and to the massively problems that this system have. So lets look at what actually happened.1. I did get a 1-Week ban than a 1-Week mute. Let's split that up from the “game design side”1-Week ban = Hardban : You can not log in because the account is blocked trough a ban command that was give
  2. Hi, im seeing alot of new avatar mods coming to HoN, wich is very great! I'd like to request a Mod for the default sapphire avatar, use your imagination what/who would fit her best! (can be wc3reforged or anime mod, etc.) - only criteria is that the attack animation is not bugged and/or feels sloppy, abrupt. I hope i can reach some one with this thread! Thanks in advance! ^-^ P.S. the request is not restritced to one Mod submission, i am welcoming any one with their skill and talent to help me out!
  3. Hi is there anyway to watch replays from the player perspective camera? it would be really useful for everyone to watch where the player click, how he moves his camera...etc I really wish to see this feature implemented as it helps viewers to learn more from pros replays.
  4. Hi all, If you end up playing on EU203, let us know in this thread how your experience with it was (i.e. was there any server lag?) Thank you!
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