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  1. Hi all, I'm requesting feedback from the Mid Wars community regarding implementing Ancients to Mid Wars: 1) Do you want at least 1 Ancients Camp to be in Mid Wars? Why/why not? 2) Do you prefer having 1 Ancients camp where both teams can contest them? Or 2 Ancients camps (1 for each team)? Why/why not? === Adding at least 1 ancients camp adds another option for players who pick Ophelia/Parasite so that they can pick up Staff of the Master & have a unique aura for their team. It also provides both teams something to do during the occasional Mid Wars downtime in the mid/late game, as well as allowing a team to accrue slightly more resource advantage if they're pushing out and have map control. Beyond these reasons though, I want to gauge the Mid Wars community to see if this is actually what they want (and if so, which variant they want). Thanks for leaving feedback!
  2. Plinko Exchange Desk & Specials - Vote for the products in the next patch! Rules Only 1 vote per account. No going onto subaccounts or other accounts to skew your votes, we will know & you will be penalized for doing so. Please make your request as exact as possible to the formal in-game product name. If it is not accurate enough & I can't find it within a reasonable amount of time, I have every right to skip your vote if yours happens to be a winning vote. Certain items are automatically exempt, including (but not limited to): subaccounts, stat resets, hero mastery boosts, exclusive name colours (e.g. volunteer positions, staff position, legacy name colour) You may vote for more than 1 product in your post if you are worried that your vote wins but the product is deemed invalid (or for any other reasons). If your vote is a winning vote in this circumstance, the first valid product will be chosen as the product to place into the Plinko Exchange Desk or the Specials Page. Keep questions in this thread to a minimum. Any off-topic or unnecessary post will be deleted, and you will receive a forum infraction if you repeatedly break this rule. Logistics Prior to picking the winners, all non-vote posts (other than the first post) will be deleted. Duplicate product votes will be removed if possible to ensure each product/vote has an equal chance to win. To avoid bias, I will use this RNG website and generate the winners based on the post number in this thread, with Minimum Value = 2 and Maximum Value = the last post # in this thread. 15 winners will be selected, with the first 5 being placed in the Specials page and the rest being placed into the Plinko Exchange Desk. Prices are completely subject to my decision. If any changes are necessary and/or corner cases occur (e.g., there aren't actually 15 valid votes in the thread), I will make the appropriate decision as needed at that time. With all that said, please vote for the products you want to see in the Plinko Exchange Desk & Specials Page in the next patch! - ElementUser
  3. Hello boys and girls, This thread right here will inform you guys about R.A.P changes and will also contain some Frequently asked questions and answers!
  4. From this thread: If you're having trouble connecting to the chat server just recently (since ~24h before this post was made) and still have trouble connecting when you normally don't have trouble connecting to the chat server, please make a post & mention which country you're in.
  5. Hi all, This subforum will be dedicated to HoN Tournaments that are officially sponsored by Frostburn Studios. So far, our official sponsors include: HoN OMG Game Reborn (previously known as HoN Reborn) You can be sure that several HoN tournaments of all kinds (competitive tournaments & some smaller, casual tournaments) will be hosted every month. We are delighted to work with our sponsors Game HoN!
  6. If you encounter the "No Response from Server" error, please provide us the following information so that we can diagnose this issue further: - Server regions you have ticked prior to connecting to a game - Take screenshot of error - Exit the game properly (by using the Exit Game button) and have them send us the console.log file in Documents\Heroes of Newerth\game We appreciate your help for this issue.
  7. Hi all, regarding the short service outage from HoN: It seems like services outside of HoN were affected at around the same time as well & not just a coincidence. Examples: - Steam: https://downdetector.ca/status/steam/map/ - Path of Exile: https://downdetector.com/status/path-of-exile/ - General downtime for services: https://downdetector.com/ In any case, it seems that HoN came back up around the time when other services in the world started to come back up again. I can log into the game just fine now. We'll continue monitoring the situation, of course. Thanks again for your patience! EDIT: it's an IBM outage: https://techcrunch.com/2020/06/09/ibm-cloud-suffers-prolonged-outage/
  8. The standard Bug Report rules apply here: Intent for this Subforum This forum is here only to allow users to report urgent/critical issues specific to the SEA region. Note that if you do not have a HoN account in the NAEU/International client, you will have to create one to post on these forums. Extra Rules for this Subforum Users can only report Urgent Issues e.g. servers not operational, unable to find matches when queuing in TMM, game-breaking exploits, etc. For server issues, please provide critical info such as Date, Time of the issue & your Timezone, Server Name / Match ID, plus a concise description of the issue Non-urgent issues will be ignored/archived Users can only report SEA-specific issues
  9. Hello fellow Newerthians, As you see, the new forums are totally up right now. This thread used to exist in the old forums, so most of you know what's coming, so I'll keep it as simple as possible! In all cases, I'm Watchwalker and together with @Lightwalkerand the rest of the Senior RCT Team, we manage what's called RCT, or Retail/Release Candidate Testers. What we actually do is test the upcoming updates on a side client which is up on a side server called Test (RC) Server, and is obviously different from the regular Heroes of Newerth client. The positive objective of patch testing is to ensure a bug-free patch. In other words, none shall pass! (As Behemoth suggests :D). This includes (but not limited to): Mechanical Bugs (actual damage, actual cooldowns, correct interactions, game-breaking bugs, etc...) Visual Bugs (missing textures, colors mismatch, map issues, etc...) Sound Bugs (missing voice lines, impact sounds, etc...) User Interface Bugs (features not working in the main game UI components) Some stuff should never be taken into consideration and should never happen when testing in RCT. This includes (but not limited to): Balance topic (balance discussion in general, trying hard in a testing game, etc...) Chat abuse (disrespecting fellow testers and Senior RCTs) About the testing process, we have a usual sequence that we follow: Update the RCT client if required Login regularly and wait for a Senior RCT to host a game Join the game and wait until it starts (games usually start at 7:00 PM CET and last for up to 4 hours). Click here to check your local time accordingly. Pick heroes according to the "secret" patch notes for a specific unreleased update (this is usually a compiled list posted by a Senior RCT in picking screen phase) Play the game normally (with the ability to test something with another hero alone the other side of the map if needed) Report any bug that occurs. Repeat until the end of the testing cycle! That's pretty much about testing and how it works. What's expected of You? Firm grasp of the English language. Being able to communicate with your fellow RCTers as well as be able to relay any bugs you find is paramount. Mature and calm. No raging, harassment, or griefing within RCT is ever tolerated. RAP or forum bans do not mean you're instantly excluded, but past shown behavior is taken into consideration when applying. The ability to participate in testing games during the aforementioned testing hours. Do not apply if you don't intend to actually show up! You are expected to participate at least biweekly (every other week). Playing games of varying skill level. We have no MMR requirement, and as such our games consist of players of all brackets. The goal is not to win games in RCT, and there is no MMR to gain or lose. Reporting any and all bugs you find that are new to the patch on our private forums. To become a RCT member, you have to apply to the position in https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/application/ If you get accepted, you will get a reply containing everything you need including the Discord Server link. On the other hand, if you get rejected, we will not send you a PM, and you can consider re-applying after a minimum of 2-3 weeks. Ranks or ratings are never taken into consideration. However, your RAP history should be clean for the past couple of months. This is to make sure that you behave your best when wearing the clan tag of the position in-game. Make sure you put all your effort into the application since it's the only decision factor when deciding whether to accept you or not. As for the rewards, the more you contribute (games and bug reports) the more you earn. More details on this when you get accepted! For more information, don't hesitate to post here or even contact me or @Lightwalker in private. You can also join our community channels on Discord here. We're looking forward to working with you! The Senior RCT Team @Chime, @Lightwalker, @manu311 and @microgods.
  10. Thread's Content: What is Griefing? Intentionally feeding AFK Abuse / “Avoiding AFK Detection” / “Illogical Refusal to Participate” Ability/Item Abuse Item destruction Item/courier spamming Chat abuse/verbal abuse Stat manipulation Staff impersonation Why Was My RAP Ticket Unsuccessful? The Rules of Thumb for Successful Reporting Top 5 Reasons Tickets are Marked Innocent What is Griefing? Demystifying the Rules of Conduct Intentionally Feeding. What is Intentionally Feeding? Intentionally Feeding is intentionally dying in a way that does not help the team. This includes willingly putting yourself into situations or positions in which you know you will die and intend to die without accomplishing (or trying to accomplish) a positive goal. Examples of Intentionally Feeding Running down the lane to the enemies to die to heroes or tower Intentionally dying to neutrals or Kongor without benefiting the team Claiming to be trying to push yet is recklessly dying repeatedly full well knowing that the result will be death with very little getting accomplished Claiming to be trying to team fight full well knowing your teammates will not be assisting you Intentionally feeding a disconnected ally Examples of what is NOT considered Intentionally Feeding Playing poorly Unintentionally dying Finishing the game with a “bad” kill-death ratio Claiming to feed or announcing intention without going through with it Being under leveled and dying easily Disconnecting and being fed by another player controlling your hero Dying to neutrals or Kongor due to miscalculation/mistake Intentionally dying to neutrals or Kongor in order to deny an enemy kill Intentionally dying to neutrals or Kongor in Mid Wars to quickly refresh health/mana Sacrificing yourself for the benefit of the team or teammate (even if unsuccessful) -Swapping allied carry with Andromeda to sacrifice self but save ally -Diving into a dangerous situation to attempt to get tower kill -Initiating a team fight knowing that you will be focused and killed AFK Abuse / “Avoiding AFK Detection” / “Illogical Refusal to Participate” What is AFK abuse? The AFK detection system is designed to allow players the opportunity to remove allies who have stopped participating, reclaiming gold and items to better help them continue the match. AFK Abuse is the act of no longer participating in the match while simultaneously bypassing AFK detection. Examples of AFK Abuse Periodically moving around in or behind fountain to avoid AFK detection Periodically leaving the base without intention to participate or help the team Intentionally damaging self or activating spells/items/abilities to avoid AFK detection Moving around/through trees on the edges of the map Farming continuously without intending to help the team (particularly when base towers/barracks are being pushed) Examples of what is NOT considered AFK Abuse Successfully getting kicked by an AFK vote Being flagged as AFK but never kicked Refusing to kick an AFK player, even if that player is a friend Farming continuously with the intentions of helping to win the match Legitimately going AFK but match ends before getting flagged Legitimately going AFK but an ally moves your hero with an ability/item Disconnecting Ability/Item Abuse What is Ability/Item Abuse? Ability/Item Abuse is using items or spells to intentionally ruin the game or harass an allied player. While such abilities/items may be prevented by toggling the green circle next to a player's portrait, ability/item abuse is still a reportable if used to affect the outcome of the game. Inappropriate use of in game utilities, such as mass-spamming mini-map pings, falls under this category. Bug exploitation should also be reported under this category. Examples of Ability/Item Abuse Willful bug abuse or bug exploitation with the intent of gaining an unfair advantage Using Tablet of Command to intentionally push an ally into the enemy team in an effort to kill said ally Using an ability/item in order to intentionally cancel an ally from channeling a homecoming stone or spell Using an ability/item that disables an ally to intentionally allow an enemy to catch up and get a kill Repeated use of an ability or item outside of combat for the sole purpose of irritating/bothering/harassing that player Using Nymphora's ultimate to intentionally teleport an ally into the enemy team with the intent of getting that ally killed Using Nymphora's ultimate to intentionally teleport an ally into a far corner of the map Using Behemoth's Fissure to intentionally block an ally's path Mass spamming mini-map pings with the intention of annoying/harassing another player Excessively spamming cancel animations on abilities to irritate other players Any other intentionally malicious miss-use of an ability or item Examples of what is NOT considered Ability/Item Abuse Unintentional bug abuse or bug exploitation (it can happen by accident, after all) Using an ability/item on an ally that unintentionally has a bad outcome Attempting to save an ally with an ability/item but being unsuccessful Accidentally miss-clicking/targeting an ability/item that negatively affects the team Choosing not to use an ability/item that may benefit an ally Initiating a vote-kick, for any reason, even if it is successful Occasional use of cancel animations to feint or bait the other team into a response Credits to @MacroHard for this content.
  11. Purpose of RAP Feedback RAP Feedback is for posting questions, suggestions, or discussions related to RAP. This forum is not for reporting other players, appealing suspensions, or contesting ticket results. In order to keep this forum as user-friendly and constructive as possible, we kindly request that you respect the following rules. RAP Feedback Forum Rules DO NOT POST SPECIFIC MATCH NUMBERS OR PLAYER NAMES IN THIS FORUM SEARCH SEARCH SEARCH If you are asking a question, chances are it has already been answered! If the topic already exists you may post followup questions in the existing thread if something is still unclear Most basic questions are covered in the FAQ below DO NOT CREATE REDUNDANT THREADS See above for searching; redundant threads only cause more confusion for the users and more work for the moderators If a thread has been deleted or closed, it was deleted or closed for a reason. If you would like a reason why or want to request that it be re-opened please PM an RAP Feedback Moderator. Do NOT create a new thread. STAY ON TOPIC Non-constructive complaints are not valid topics All threads require one of the following prefixes: [Discussion], [Question], or [Suggestion]. When a thread has been resolved the tag will be changed to [Answered] Legitimate topics: Questions related to RAP, its use, interface, and/or policy Suggestions on how to improve RAP, its use, interface, and/or policy Constructive discussion about RAP (perhaps to encourage suggestions from others) Every post of every thread should be productive and add to the discussion Every post should either ask a question, answer a question, correct incorrect information, provide new information, or clarify previous comments If you find a post that does not follow the rules, is off topic, or useless do NOT call attention to it; it only perpetuates the proble If you have a related comment that is no longer applicable to the thread topic please create a dedicated thread ALL OTHER FORUM RULES APPLY
  12. Hi all, The Mechanics forums are for asking objective questions about how the game & how certain game mechanics work. This subforum is a primarily a domain of mathematics and logic, so keep in that in mind when asking & answering questions. Please keep this in mind & also respect the global forum rules when making a post in these subforums. Remember that there is usually an objectively correct answer, but HoN is still a complex game! You are also free to contribute to the Mechanics forums by writing your own detailed forum thread regarding a particular mechanic, or perhaps some kind of mathematical trend in HoN. Thank you for your understanding, - ElementUser
  13. Hi all, The Suggestions forums is a place for any & all suggestions related to the game, without much restriction (aside from following the global forum rules). However, just because you can suggest anything does not mean you should suggest literally anything - there are some guidelines that will help your suggestion be more likely to implement. Guidelines To maximize your chances of getting a suggestion implemented, please be considerate of the following guidelines and trends: Simplicity: the simpler the suggestion is, the more likely it will be considered (at the very least), as the time & workload for such a suggestion is likely (but not necessarily) to be much more reasonable. Practicality: do you actually want this to be suggested? How realistic do you honestly think it would be for the suggestion to actually be implemented? What do you think would happen if you asked a developer, an outsider, or another HoN player about the suggestion? Would they agree, or would they hesitate to do so/disagree? Supporting justifications: if your suggestion is paired with supporting evidence & appropriate justifications, it will have a higher chance to be considered. Conciseness & clarity: don't be too brief, as that usually means the reasoning for the suggestion is weak. At the same time, don't be too longwinded, as that makes every reader think you are trying too hard to explain a concept such that it's not really worth implementing the suggestion. Find the right balance of text (conciseness), and make sure you communicate your points clearly. Disclaimer Please note that due to resource issues, it is unlikely that anything system-related or complex will be implemented (however, you are free to suggest them anyway). Aside from that, please note that staff members are not obligated to respond to any of the suggestions in this subforum - however, we will read each & every one of them and give them the appropriate level of consideration. If we are seriously interested in a feature, I will likely make a post in the thread =). Thank you for your understanding!
  14. Hi all, Due to limited resources & most problems being local to the user, we no longer have an official Technical Support service available. For all intents and purposes, HoN is generally considered a stable game for the vast majority of users. It is known that some players experience issues that others do not, and there may be workarounds for those. Generally speaking, this subforum is meant for the community to help each other out on several issues if there is a common group of players that experience certain issues & have found solutions to them. Thank you for your understanding!
  15. Hi all, Due to limited resources, we no longer officially support the HoN Clients for Mac & Linux. This means that any OS-specific bug is left to the user to find local workarounds for. If it doesn't work, we cannot help you (though other users who use Mac/Linux on a regular basis may be able to assist you). Despite this, we do still automatically build the Mac & Linux Clients whenever a new patch comes out. The download links can be found below: Retail Mac Download: http://dl.heroesofnewerth.com/installers/mac/HoNClient.dmg Retail Linux Download: http://dl.heroesofnewerth.com/installers/linux/HoNClient.sh Thank you for your understanding!
  16. Hello Newerthians, Welcome to the world of Newerth and the Heroes of Newerth forums! This thread contains the Forum Rules and some general guidelines as to how you use these forums. The rules in this thread apply to all sections of the forum, but some specific rules may be superseded by section specific guidelines. Consult the pinned threads of each subsection for any additional rules that may apply. Adherence to these guidelines shall be determined at the sole discretion of Frostburn Studios Staff and Forum Moderators. Keep in mind that your ability to use the forums is a privilege, not a right. Frostburn Studios staff and Forum Moderators reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any post for any reason. Any actions taken will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may result in more severe or lenient action depending on previous warnings and/or behaviour. This determination is at the sole discretion of Frostburn Studios Staff and Forum Moderators, and is final. Warning points may be issued for minor violations of these rules. Serious or repeated offenses may result in a ban from the forums or (in extreme situations) even termination of your HoN account. Please note that the categories below are not exhaustive, and that inappropriate conduct of any kind may result in content removal or loss of posting privileges. The laws that apply in the offline world must be adhered to online as well. Frostburn Studios has a zero tolerance for illegal behavior on the Heroes of Newerth forums. Online conduct should be guided by common sense and basic etiquette. Consult the HoN Terms of Service for additional restrictions and information about the use of the forums and the game. Frostburn Studios reserves the right to modify the Forum Rules at any time. Take care and enjoy your stay! New rules and guidelines will arrive soon!
  17. Repertoire of Useful Console Commands - Open up the game console by pressing Ctrl+F8 Quickstart Practice Game Enable in the UI (extremely helpful for people who love Practice Mode). *Requires restarting HoN to take effect *An icon appears in the top bar after restarting HoN: http://i.imgur.com/0Rftyjs.jpg SetSave "ui_showQuickStart" "true" List of console commands (in case you forget some of them or if new ones pop up) cmdlist Enable Advanced Mode in Test+++ (restart of the HoN Client is required): SetSave "ui_forceEnableTesting" "true" Enable the Ruler function in Practice Mode by rebinding it to a desired hotkey: GameBind Ruler Ruler "" button game "K" "INVALID" Adjusting console height and opacity: con_height 0.3 //will make the console taking only 30% of your screen. con_alpha 0.4 //will make the console opacity to 40% (you can see stuff "through" the console screen) *Numbers are floats, restricted to a range between 0 and 1 Practice Game Helpful when unable to login startgame practice GameName map:caldavar allheroes:true devheroes:true nostats:true *To host other games, there are some options that you can substitute into these fields (credits to Jonathan and VolkoCorp): startgame game_type game_name game_options game_type can be either local_automatic, practice, or remote_automatic game_name can be any String game_options are map:map_name mode:game_mode teamsize:5 spectators:10 referees:2 tier:1 noleaver:false game_mode can be: normal, nm, randomdraft, rd, singledraft, sd, banningdraft, bd, banningpick, bp, lockpick, lp, allrandom, ar, blindban, bb, botmatch, bm, deathmatch, captainsmode, cm, krosmode, km (deathmatch needs to be enabled in the map's worldconfig as it is disabled by default) true/false game options private noleaver nostats allheroes alternatepicks norepick noswap noagility nointelligence nostrength norespawntimer dropitems nopowerups easymode allowduplicate reverseselect notop nomiddle nobottom allowveto shuffleteams autobalance devheroes cheats Area Affectors d_drawareaaffectors true Projectile Radii d_drawProjectileRadiuses true Unit Bounds d_drawUnitBounds true Host Timescale: host_timescale 1.5 The number can be changed from a value from 0 to 99 Reconnect: Helpful when you can't normally reconnect to a game, i.e. the reconnect box dialog box doesn't pop up. reconnect Draw Selected Path: cg_drawSelectedPath true Dynamic File Update Helps when bugfixing/editing heroes host_dynamicResReload true Navgrid cg_drawNavGrid true Show FPS host_drawFPS 1 *Inputting a "2" instead of a "1" will show your ping instead of your FPS. Taunt Unlock Local only g_perks true Day/Night g_dayStartTime # Number is 225000 to shift to day, 675000 to shift to night Terminate a player in Practice Mode TerminatePlayer 1 *Note: only works once per Practice Mode instance for teal and pink. You will have to restart your Practice Mode session if you want to do it again. Ready. Set. Go! You can change the green color, to what you desire. Bind F4 "SpawnHero Hero_Flux; SelectAvatar Alt; Ready" Select avatar in pick screen Useful for testing hero voice SpawnHero Hero_<Entity Type>; SelectAvatar Alt Console Transparency Value between 0 and 1 (0-100%) con_alpha Console Height Value between 0 and 1 (0-100%) con_height Rebind Refresh You can change the green color, to what you desire. SetSave bind Y "Refresh #GetSelectedEntity()#" Fog of War Darkness Value between 0 and 1 (0-100%) cg_fogofwarDarkness Spawn Unit Command (especially useful for Alt Avatars) StartCmdClickPos SpawnUnit2 <Entity Type>.<Alt> 0 1 1 Grey is optional, # can be 0 for Controllable, 1 for Uncontrollable, # is the faction the unit belongs to: 0 for Passive, 1 for Legion, 2 for Hellbourne, 3 for Neutral. # can be 0 for No-Precache, 1 for Precache Spawn Unit Command, with voice enabled on spawned hero StartCmdClickPos ClientSpawnUnit <Entity Type>.<Alt> 0 1 1 Grey is optional, # can be 0 for Controllable, 1 for Uncontrollable, # is the faction the unit belongs to: 0 for Passive, 1 for Legion, 2 for Hellbourne, 3 for Neutral. # can be 0 for No-Precache, 1 for Precache Connecting Chat Connects to the chat-server. Good for those harsh DDoS times. ChatConnect Disconnecting Chat Disconnects the chat-server. Good for ... when you don't want to be disturbed? ChatDisconnect Joining Directly An alternative way to join games, if you know the IP. Connect Force Update Useful for reverting to older versions temporarily ForceUpdate <Version #> http://dl.heroesofnewerth.com/ http://dl.heroesofnewerth.com/ false Then type: restartandupdate http://dl.heroesofnewerth.com/ as substitute for website Max Camera Distance Only works in Practice Mode or replay viewing g_camDistanceMax 2200 8-Bit mode (first line turns 8-bit mode on, second line turns 8-bit mode off) exec 8bit exec non8bit Big head mode SetSave skel_bighead true Setsave skel_bigheadscale 2.5 Give item command (useful for Puzzlebox recipes in Practice Mode, for example - and yes, this only works in Practice Mode obviously) GiveItem #GetSelectedEntity()# Item_Summon recipe Item name, optional "recipe" field to obtain recipe Restart and update (useful if you cannot update regularly for some reason, but can still access the console): restartandupdate Check for Updates (useful for devs in particular) SetSave "upd_checkForUpdates" "true" ====================== UI-related Console Commands [TABLE]cvarlist | Lists the console cvars (console variables) uitriggerlist <name>|Lists all UI Triggers that exist that have names that match against <name>. If no <name> is supplied, it will list all triggers. cmdlist <name> |Lists all Console Commands that exist that have names that match against <name>. If no <name> is supplied, it will list all commands. uicmdlist <name> |Lists all uiscript functions that exist that have names that match against <name>. If no <name> is supplied, it will list all commands. luafunctions <name> |Lists all Lua functions that exist that have names that match against <name>. If no <name> is supplied, it will list all commands. ui_debughoverwidget <boolean> |This is a cvar that, when set to true, will display information about what UI widget is selected and where it is and what its parents are. This is very useful for figuring out where widgets are and where your mouse is, for example. [/TABLE] ====================== - Credits to Norroar, Deejay and the rest of the posters in this thread who helped me with this!
  18. These subforums are for problems that Frostburn Studios need more evidence on before they can be fixed, so make sure to constructively reply to the threads in these subforums to help Frostburn Studios fix these problems! Thank you in advance, - ElementUser
  19. If a thread was recently moved to the Fixed subforum, it means that the change is done (or will be done) in the internal client and will be seen in the next retail patch if it is a gamebreaking/high priority bug (or if not, a few retail patches after). So please don't panic if a thread was moved into the Fixed subforum and then notice that it's not fixed in the current retail patch. If something is actually not fixed in the next retail patch after the time your thread was moved to Fixed, then it would be a good thing to repost the thread. * Exceptions apply for tooltip fixes, usually tagged with [Typo] prefixes. These naturally take a long time to be merged to retail due to their priority level.
  20. Hi all, Currently, the vast majority of bugs have been handled appropriately, and the recent bug reports in the last few months have mostly been false positives or cannot be fixed through the current means. As such, the Bug Reports subforum rules are pretty simple to avoid any time wasted: 1 bug per thread only. Always provide basic information (screenshots, server info, Match ID, replication steps, etc.). If a bug is valid & I can fix it, I will leave a comment & fix it. If a bug is valid & I require more information, I will let the player know. If a bug is valid & cannot be dealt with for any reason, I will likely reject it without a comment. If I feel it is appropriate, I will post a comment in the thread. If a bug is invalid, I will reject it immediately & likely not leave a comment. Your HoN folder must not be modded in any way. If I can't replicate it while you can easily replicate it locally, chances are that you are using mods. Bug Reports is not Tech Support, nor is it Customer Support. Please use these services if they are more appropriate. Absolutely 0 nonsense, as I am very busy on other aspects of my life. Thank you for your understanding & for following these simple rules! - ElementUser
  21. Balance Discussion Forum Rules In addition to the standard forum rules, we have very simple rules for the Balance Discussion Forum Rules: Content must be on-topic, constructive and must not harbor any animosity, hostility, or passive-aggressive behaviour/notions towards the staff or game designers. We simply do not have time for any kind of unconstructive negativity. Negativity directed towards the game or not directed at any particular person or group of people is acceptable, and expressing discontent/venting with passion is something we can pick up on and understand, since people in general have to vent occasionally. But as soon as negativity is directed towards our staff or a particular person, your argument instantly becomes ad hominem and becomes null. It is not something that anyone would look forward to, so please don't do this. Players who break this set of rules will incur a heavy forum infraction. Again, we have no time to deal with this type of negativity. Either help us out, or don't post. Provide feedback in the proper manner. Only making meme posts or posting emotional feedback based on how you did in 1 game without actually backing up your feedback properly doesn't help us. See the next section on how to properly provide Constructive Feedback. Posts must be easy on the eyes. This means use proper grammar and use paragraphs/proper text separation techniques so that designers can actually read your forum post without difficulty. No excess colouring or deviation from the standard forum text as well. Content discussed in this subforum (outside of the Balance Dump thread) is restricted to Forests of Caldavar & the Champions of Newerth (CoN) Ranked Pick mode (5v5 games). Arguments based on irrelevant modes for the premise of discussion (e.g. the Mid Wars map) will have a negative effect on the reception of your post. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Constructive Feedback: A Primer The general method to providing constructive feedback is the following: Post a new thread. You are encouraged to do this if you wish to focus on a specific topic, rather than posting in a more generalized thread. There is no need to wait for a moderator to approve a thread now either! Present your problem, or make your position on an issue/topic known. Make it clear and concise. Elaborate & justify why your problem is actually problematic/actually an issue. Use supporting evidence that's objective. Compare & contrast. Is there enough counterplay available? Etc. Subjectivity & anecdotal feedback has their place, but arguments are weaker if they are subjective. Propose a solution. Anyone can complain about a problem to no end. Presenting a solution helps us understand that you guys are conscious about any consequences of doing this change and are actually thinking through your problem.
  22. All patch note threads from Patch 4.8.2 & prior have not been retained for these forums. The size limit of a forum post makes posting these more difficult. Instead, I will host & link a plain-text .txt file that will contain all of HoN's Patch Notes prior to 4.8.2. This was taken directly from HoN's change_log_history.txt file from the in-game files. All patch notes content prior for HoN 4.8.2- can be found here on my Github: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ElementUser/Heroes-of-Newerth/master/Patch Notes Formatter/HoN 4.8.2- Patch Notes.txt Hope you find this useful! - ElementUser
  23. The new Heroes of Newerth forums The Heroes of Newerth forums have finally received a long overdue makeover. Why a makeover? There were plenty of reasons, some of which are: The old forums were very outdated, and did not offer features a modern platform should be able to The old forums became hard to maintain Key staff members involved in building the forums are no longer working with us The old forums were slow and inefficient The old forums have had some bugs here & there The old forums had tightly coupled integration with the game This means the game and forums were dependent on each other; this dependency has now been removed. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ New Features With new forums comes new features, such as: A new, improved & modernized look and feel A mobile-friendly interface and user experience Response times for web browser actions feel smooth and snappy (nearly instantaneous) Notifications & email notifications New forum banner to broadcast important news See Unread Content (via the Activity tab) View Original & Latest post in a forum thread simply by hovering over it with your mouse cursor Other new features like the Activity Feed, a Leaderboard, and a Staff directory _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Current Limitations & Going Forward That being said, the new forums are not a silver bullet. They are the foundation of doing something better in the future. As such, the following limitations currently apply: No longer has Custom Account Icon (CAI) integration with your in-game account. However, you can upload your own avatar picture on the forums! Nearly all of the past content from the old forums have not been carried over to the new forums. We are starting off with a clean slate! No more HoN-based emojis and topic icons. Not possible to apply for community/volunteer positions at this time. We will make this available to the public when we are ready! We are still in the process of configuring the forums to suit our needs, so everything will not be perfect right away. We kindly ask you to have a little patience while this work is being carried out. While doing this, we will strive to remove some of the limitations described above to make the forum useful and user-friendly to everybody! Thank you for your patience! - Frostburn Studios Staff
  24. Welcome to Heroes of Newerth Version - April 14, 2020 == Design == = Hero Balance = Gemini Fire and Ice (Staff of the Master effect changes): - Fire and Ice's "Together in Bright Spirit" subability now place Lightning Form's passive ability on cooldown when the spellcast finishes. - Lightning Form: max Movement Speed granted to Light reduced from 750 to 650. - Light: now suffers a 67% Damage Penalty (i.e. deals 33% Damage) if both Fire & Ice are within 900 radius of Light. _______________________________________________ == Bug Fixes & Optimizations == = General = - Fixed a hero slot quantity bug so that Witch Slayer now shows up properly in the hero pick screen. - Fixed missing Plinko textures for the Spring theme. = Heroes = Gemini - Fixed visual trail effects for Light's Light Fang ability. - Light now properly relays experience to Gemini. = Items = Ophelia's Pact - Fixed so that the item can be purchased while away from the item store. _______________________________________________ Welcome to Heroes of Newerth Version 4.8.3 - April 7, 2020 == Design == = Staff of the Master & Master's Legacy Changes = Gemini Fire and Ice - Staff of the Master effect addition (new): - Cooldown reduced from 45 seconds to 20 seconds. - Now also splits Gemini into a third elemental form, Light. * Light's life essence is still tied to the other elementals, i.e. Gemini still dies if either Fire, Ice or Light dies. * For Fire & Ice, their Rebirth ability now also requires Light to be nearby for them to all recombine. * For Fire & Ice, their Rebirth ability now sets Gemini's Health and Mana percentage to the highest of all 3 elemental forms. + Fire gains a subability: - Ability 3b - Together in Bright Spirit: After a 3 second cast time, teleports Fire to Light's location. * Shares cooldown with Together in Spirit. * Default activation hotkey: D + Ice gains a subability: - Ability 3b - Together in Bright Spirit: After a 3 second cast time, teleports Ice to Light's location. * Shares cooldown with Together in Spirit. * Default activation hotkey: D + Light's abilities are as follows: - Ability 1 - Light Breath: Unleashes a cone of light that deals 100/175/250 Magic Damage and applies a 40/60/80% Miss Chance to enemies for 3 seconds. * Has the same general parameters (Cast Range, Mana Cost, Cooldown) as its analog ability on Fire and Ice. - Ability 2 - Light Fang: Shoots Light at target enemy, making him invulnerable during the process. Deals 60/120/180 Magic Damage and applies a 0.5 second Stun. * Has the same general parameters (Cast Range, Mana Cost, Cooldown) as its analog ability on Fire and Ice. - Ability 3a - Together in Fiery Spirit: After a 3 second cast time, teleports Light to Fire's location. * Cooldown: 30 seconds * Shares cooldown with Together in Icy Spirit. - Ability 3b - Together in Icy Spirit: After a 3 second cast time, teleports Light to Ice's location. * Cooldown: 30 seconds * Shares cooldown with Together in Fiery Spirit. * Default activation hotkey: D - Ability 4 - Rebirth / Lightning Form: * Passive: While 1200 units away from enemy heroes, Light becomes an an agile elemental also known as Volt, gaining 10/50/10000% Movement Speed. Max Movement Speed is set to 750. This effect is disabled for 12 seconds when Light uses an ability, attacks, or takes damage. * Active: Activate to begin casting for 1.25 seconds. Upon finishing the cast, recreates Gemini at the current location with Health and Mana Percentages equal to the highest of Fire, Ice, and Light. Disabled if Fire, Ice and Light are more than 300 units apart. + Light also serves as an agile scouting elemental. This rewards skilled Gemini players that can micromanage all 3 elementals optimally, all while taking advantage of Light's out-of-combat speed to scout and set up a constant global roaming presence in the late game. _______________________________________________ Geomancer Crystal Field - Staff of the Master effect addition (to pre-existing): * Now also applies a 35% Movement Speed Slow to enemies within 600 radius before the initial explosion occurs. _______________________________________________ Magebane Flash - Staff of the Master addition (new): * Enemy units within 600 radius of Magebane's blink location have Mana Feedback applied to them for 6 seconds. Active abilities cast by these affected targets will deal 110% of that ability's Mana Cost to the caster. Mana Rift - Staff of the Master effect change (complete replacement of the previous one): * Mana Rift's Damage dealt to the main target now propagates to 1 other enemy hero within 800 radius with 60% power. * Enemies affected by Mana Rift within the inner 225 radius will not be affected by this new effect, and will still take full damage. _______________________________________________ Martyr Sol's Conviction - Staff of the Master effect addition (new): * Allows Martyr to cast the ability on willing ally heroes within 600 Cast Range. _______________________________________________ Ophelia Command - Staff of the Master effect change (to pre-existing): * Ability now only grants 0.25x the Movement Speed bonus to her Ancient creeps. _______________________________________________ Soul Reaper Demonic Execution - Staff of the Master effect addition (to pre-existing): * Demonic Execution's Damage dealt to the main target now also chains to enemy heroes within 500 radius with 60% power each time, up to 5 times. * The chaining effect cannot apply to a hero that is already hit by the same cast instance of Demonic Execution. _______________________________________________ = General = - On the hero pick screen while selecting an avatar, clicking on an unowned avatar's "Need Coins" button will now redirect you to the HoN Store. * If players are lacking Gold Coins to purchase an avatar, they can now navigate to the HoN Store and click on the "Buy Coins" button there. Forests of Caldavar ("New") - Neutral Creeps - Slightly reduced the max chase time & chase distance for the 2 bottom-left-most Legion neutral camps and the top-right-most Hellbourne neutral camp. * Greatly mitigates the unintended behaviour of pulling the nearest lane creeps with these neutral camps. * Note: this change also makes the double stack timings a bit more strict. * This change is considered to be temporary until proper map changes can be made. Towers - Aggro check duration against enemy-player-controlled units that attack nearby ally heroes reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second. * This does not affect the actual aggro duration of the tower against the targeted unit (i.e. after the tower has locked onto the target). It only affects the time in which it checks whether it needs to switch aggro or not. * Mitigates cases where you damage an enemy hero when you are outside the tower's attack range & then proceed to go within tower range to last hit a creep and having the tower lock onto you. * A more thorough remedy may be investigated in the future when time permits. _______________________________________________ = Heroes = Adrenaline Rush - Max number of Dread Stacks reduced from 12/20/28/36 to 15/20/25/30. Death's Halo - Number of Dread Stacks applied changed from 12/24/36 to 14/22/30. + When playing against Adrenaline, it is simply too frustrating to be almost literally any hero with any amount of farm and be solo killed by Adrenaline with relatively less effective items as a solo ganker with maybe just a touch of ally support. * No, hanging back and waiting to react with Stormspirit is not the ideal counterplay against Adrenaline, as it is not always feasible nor reliable. + With these changes, Adrenaline's solo kill potential requires a little bit more ally assistance or proper itemization. _______________________________________________ Andromeda - Attack Range increased from 450 to 475. Void Rip - No longer deals a negligible amount of damage (to interrupt Portal Key, for example). _______________________________________________ Bushwack Crippling Dart - Movement Speed Slow duration reduced from 1.5 seconds to 1.25 seconds. - Cooldown reduction of this ability per autoattack lowered from 0.4 seconds to 0.2 seconds. Side Step - Mana Cost increased from 20 to 30. _______________________________________________ Berzerker Mark of Death - Attack Speed bonus against marked targets changed from 40 to 30/40/50/60. _______________________________________________ Corrupted Disciple Electric Tide - Minimum Magic Damage per hit reduced from 40/60/80/100 to 35/55/75/95. - Maximum Magic Damage per hit reduced from 90/140/190/240 to 70/110/150/190. Corrupted Conduit - Cast Range reduced from 600 to 550. * Leash range adjusted accordingly. _______________________________________________ Electrician Cleansing Shock - True Damage dealt to summoned enemy units rescaled from 1000 to 700/850/1000. _______________________________________________ Ellonia Flash Freeze - Total Magic Damage is now capped at 550. + When coupled with Staff of the Master, Flash Freeze's effect on her Absolute Zero ability dealt excessive area damage if Frosted Stacks were accumulated on enemies ahead of time (particularly when coupled with ally crowd control). + Implementing a cap on the total Magic Damage in these circumstances & for long wars of attrition will prevent Ellonia from 1-shotting a hero with a large number of Frosted Stacks on them. _______________________________________________ Engineer - Primary Attribute changed from Agility to Intelligence. - Agility growth per level reduced from 2.3 to 2.1. - Intelligence growth per level increased from 2.1 to 2.5. + Engineer is underperforming and most of his item build consists of Intelligence items. This small change should help his performance significantly by increasing his damage by mid/late game compared to other support heroes. _______________________________________________ Goldenveil Perch & Plunge - Plunge: delay before Goldenveil lands to apply the Magic Damage & Stun increased from 0.8 seconds to 0.85 seconds. _______________________________________________ Hellbringer Summon Malphas - Malphas Max Health reduced from 900/1400/1900 to 900/1350/1800. - Malphas Attack Damage reduced from 80/125/170 to 80/120/160. - Malphas Health Regeneration per second reduced from 15/20/25 to 10/14/18. _______________________________________________ Ichor Transfusion - Link duration reduced from 6 seconds to 4.5/5/5.5/6 seconds. Saint's Blood - Base Damage Reduction lowered from 10/15/20/25% to 3/6/9/12%. - Damage Reduction increase per debuff active on Ichor increased from 8% to 8/9/10/11%. - No longer requires the damage to exceed 15% of Ichor's Current Health for the Damage Reduction to take place. - Max total Damage Reduction changed from 40/45/50/60% to 25/35/45/55%. _______________________________________________ Martyr - Strength growth per level increased from 2.4 to 2.5. - Intelligence growth per level increased from 2.4 to 2.5. Retribution - Mana Cost reduced from 95/105/115/125 to 90/100/110/120. _______________________________________________ Moira Shards of Harkon - Cast Action Time reduced from 300ms to 200ms. - Cast Time reduced from 600ms to 200ms. Ephemeral Forge - Cooldown increased from 60/55/50/45 seconds to 95/90/85/80 seconds. - Max duration increased from 10/14/18/22 seconds to 12/18/24/30 seconds. + The cooldown of Ephemeral Forge caused Moira to be able to assist allies in ganks and teamfights without any risk far too frequently. + Increasing the cooldown of Ephemeral Forge will force Moira to use this ability more wisely. Otherwise, she will have to put herself at risk more often if she uses this ability too haphazardly. _______________________________________________ Myrmidon - Attack Range increased from 450 to 500. Weed Field - State duration increased from 1/1.33/1.6/2 seconds to 1/1.4/1.8/2.2 seconds. Magic Carp - Mana Cost reduced from 95/100/105/110 to 80/90/100/110. - Now applies a 30/40/50/60% Movement Speed Slow for 0.6 seconds if the target is not moving at the time of impact. + The change to Magic Carp only ever so slightly makes it easier to ensure that Weed Field hits your intended target. The change looks stronger on paper than it is in practice. _______________________________________________ Pandamonium Flick - Cast Range reduced from 400 to 350. - Mana Cost changed from 50 to 60. _______________________________________________ Parasite Infest - Infested creep's bonus damage received from player-controlled enemy units reduced from +50% to +25%. - Consume subability can no longer be used while the Infested creep is Silenced or Stunned. + Parasite should not be able to break out of crowd control early from his Infested creep. This was a big oversight for most of the HoN's lifetime. + As compensation for this adjustment, the previous nerf has been toned back. _______________________________________________ Predator Venomous Leap - Now also applies a Restrain effect for the first 2 seconds of the debuff. Terror - Movement Speed bonus granted to attackers increased from 15% to 20%. - Buff duration granted to attackers increased from 3.5 seconds to 4.25 seconds. _______________________________________________ Qi Ancestral Assault - Damage now deals less damage as the distance becomes larger between the target and the ability's original cast location. * 300 Range and below: starts at 100% Damage * Max Range: scales down to 40% Damage _______________________________________________ Sapphire Unstable Shards - Area Magic Damage upon hitting the Unstable Shard increased from 110/115/120/125% to 115/120/125/130% of the Attacker's Attack Damage. _______________________________________________ Scout Electric Eye - Effect type of the Silence application changed from SuperiorMagic to Magic. - Silence duration reduced from 3/4/5/6 seconds to 2/3/4/5 seconds. - Placement restriction for the minimum distance from a tree increased from 75 units to 100 units. - Cast Range increased from 100 to 150. - Vision radius and reveal radius changed from 800 to 700/800/900/1000. - Proximity detection range (for enemies to see the Electric Eye) increased from 200 to 300. + Scout's Electric Eyes have been a fundamentally broken tool since his inception. The ability has been made more reasonable (and more importantly, unable to pierce Magic Immunity as a non-ultimate ability) and simultaneously made less aggravating to play against if the Scout player uses Electric Eyes mostly to block neutral camps from spawning, while focusing more on the scouting/vision aspect of the Electric Eyes. + If Scout needs buffs in the future, he will receive them in the appropriate parts of his kit. Until then, these adjustments should make playing against Scout a little more bearable without affecting his actual power much. _______________________________________________ Skrap Mousetrap - Magic Damage upon exploding increased from 80/100/120/140 to 80/105/130/155. Zoomerang - Magic Damage per hit increased from 60/80/100/120 to 60/85/110/135. Unleash Vorax - Gold Bounty amount increased from 40% to 65% when Vorax kills an enemy (non-player-controlled) creep and if Skrap is more than 1500 units away from Vorax. * The distance value has also increased from 1000 units to 1500 units in the above change. _______________________________________________ Tarot Far Scry - State type changed to Debuff (making it purgeable). * State will still be unable to be transferred by abilities like Parasite's Facehug for technical reasons. Bound by Fate - Tether state type on both affected targets changed to Debuff (making it purgeable). * State will still be unable to be transferred by abilities like Parasite's Facehug for technical reasons. * Purging 1 of the debuff states on a target will purge the tether state on the other target. Luck of the Draw - Critical Strike chance increased from 20% to 25%. _______________________________________________ Thunderbringer Lightning Rod - Procs now occur when Thunderbringer deals Ability Damage to a target (rather than when he casts a spell). - Bonus Magic Damage based on the target's Current Health now deals 0.5x damage if the target is farther than 1000 units from Thunderbringer. _______________________________________________ Torturer Chain Reaction - Mana cost reduced from 120/135/150/165 to 105/120/135/150. Impalement - Mana cost reduced from 115/130/145/160 to 95/115/135/155. _______________________________________________ Warchief - Intelligence growth per level increased from 2.7 to 2.8. _______________________________________________ Wildsoul Summon Booboo - Swipe: cooldown increased from 8 seconds to 11 seconds. * This change also applies to Wildsoul while in Bear Form. _______________________________________________ Xemplar Fractal Field - Each subsequent explosion affecting a target past the third explosion within the last 2 seconds now deals 0.7x Damage of the previous explosion. _______________________________________________ = Items = Blight Stones - Cast Range increased from 100 to 135. * This is mostly to resolve issues where players cannot seem to target trees near them. * Keep in mind that sometimes the tree actually does end up falling & a charge on Blight Stones is properly consumed, but you will not see the tree fall in fog. This is an intended feature, as it prevents enemies from seeing when trees fall in fog. Bound Eye - Active effect now also reveals all enemy gadgets in its detection radius (even those in fog). Shrunken Head - Cooldown increased from 65 seconds to 75 seconds. _______________________________________________ == Matchmaking Maps & Modes == Champions of Newerth (CoN) - Map: Forests of Caldavar ("New" for NAEU/International region, "Old" for SEA region) - Mode: Ranked Pick Mid Wars - Hero Ban - Single Draft == Bug Fixes & Optimizations == = General = - Fixed a MMR exploit where players intentionally made every player's MMR behave as 1500 (and making everyone's MMR change +/- 5 for the game) by switching game modes before entering the matchmaking queue. * Players who abused this bug should be ashamed of themselves. * Remember to report big game exploits to the Senior Game Masters (SGMs) when possible! The players will be suspended in these scenarios. - MvP Show/Hide button no longer displays at the beginning of a subsequent game. - Water tile definitions near the middle lane ramps were adjusted to more accurately match the water's visual location for the purposes of abilities dependent on the presence of a water tile (e.g. Riptide's In My Element ability). = Heroes = Berzerker - Chain Spike timer is now properly readjusted when the initial state is applied on an enemy (particularly when used against an opponent that reduces debuff durations). Geomancer - Slightly increased sight radius while Geo Stalk is active. * Fixes a corner case scenario where Geomancer cannot see a target within the Geo Stalk detection radius at very specific angles. Grinex - Fixed a minor tooltip error with Nether Strike when the Staff of the Master effect is on Grinex. Hellbringer - Malphas can no longer attack buildings if Hellbringer isn't within 925 units. - Summon Malphas visual effects at the target location are now displayed properly for Batllebringer and Arimane the Pit Lord alternate avatars. Lodestone - Lodestone Plates visuals now show the appropriate cosmetic for all alternate avatars. - Lodestone Plates visuals are now properly shown when the ability timer reaches 0. Moira - Mana Sunder no longer causes single target spells cast by the affected targets to apply Mana Sunder to that spell's target for 1 second. Myrmidon - Forced Evolution now propagates the area effect properly to illusions with 33% power when they attack (when boosted by Staff of the Master) Nitro - Tesla Cannon Nitro now plays her attack sounds properly when using Ballistic. - Tesla Cannon Nitro's textures are now displayed properly on Low and Medium graphic settings. Swiftblade - Counter Strike (Counter Attack, when boosted by Staff of the Master) active ability state now properly disappears when used to proc a Null Stone or effects similar to it (e.g. Moraxus' Arcane Shield) Xemplar - Illusions spawned from Schism now have properly have their attack animations synchronized with the actual attack impact time. = Items = - The following items can no longer be transferred to other units or be dropped on the ground to fix an exploit where more than 1 completed of the item can be owned by a particular player in their hero's inventory at any given time: * Alchemist's Bones * Jade Spire * Restoration Stone + Note that there is still 1 way to attempt to bypass this, but the player is in for a gold loss surprise (and/or just flat out being inefficient) if they try to go that far. So just don't even try to exploit this, it will only hinder you. * This was an unintended exploit. Please use RAP to report players if you see them repeatedly performing any kind of exploit that bypasses an item's intended limit per player. Flying Courier - Can no longer perform a gold pooling exploit by dropping a shareable item with charges & picking it up again with the Flying Courier to change the item's ownership. * This was an unintended exploit. Please use RAP to report players if you see them continuously performing any kind of gold pooling exploit in the future, as they will be suspended if they continue to do so. Hypercrown - Damage is now sourced properly from the original owner of Hypercrown if the procs from its Charged Up state ends up damaging & killing enemy units. * This properly gives gold bounty to Hypercrown's owner when the Charged Up state kills an enemy unit. _______________________________________________
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