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Found 4 results

  1. S2 HoN 3DS Max Exporter Introduction With this plugin, you can create your own custom models and animations for use with Heroes of Newerth. PLEASE NOTE: S2 Games and Frostburn Studios does NOT directly support the plugin. Their technical support team will not answer questions about plugin functionality and will not be able to help resolve problems you may experience while using the plugin. Install the plugin 1. Copy the plugin for your version of 3ds Max, which by default is located within the game folder: s2exporter.dlu for Autodesk 3ds Max 8 and
  2. If you want to script your own abilities & heroes or make changes to them, this is the place to look! I will be slowly updating this thread over time. Setup Console Commands to run in HoN In the HoN Client, press Ctrl+F8 to open the console and type in the following commands & then press Enter after each one: ui_showQuickStart (when set to true) makes a nice new button show up in the top bar near the center-right of it: http://i.imgur.com/0Rftyjs.jpg ui_forceEnableTesting (when set to true) will enable Advanced Mode for the Test+++ menu in Practice Mo
  3. Thread previously made by ElementUser The purpose of this thread is to help people understand how to properly make effects for those who are learning how to create their own effects. <effect> useentityeffectscale --true,false 0,1 (should be used for global effects used on multiple heroes... i.e. state.effect impact.effect etc.) deferred --true, false 0,1 (allows the sprites to fade correctly) persistent --true, false 0,1 (allows emitters to finish emitting even after gadget/entity etc. is terminated. note: if persistent is set to true make sure all emitters have a
  4. Hello Newerthians, Welcome to the world of Newerth and the Heroes of Newerth forums! This thread contains the Forum Rules and some general guidelines as to how you use these forums. The rules in this thread apply to all sections of the forum, but some specific rules may be superseded by section specific guidelines. Consult the pinned threads of each subsection for any additional rules that may apply. Adherence to these guidelines shall be determined at the sole discretion of Frostburn Studios Staff and Forum Moderators. Keep in mind that your ability to use the forums is a
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