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Found 2 results

  1. Heeelllllo there, lovely HoN community. I have encountered a HUGE problem. ALL of a sudden my game started freezing every time i use a spell with the AOE outline on it. The bigger AOE zone the bigger lag goes. Usually it takes about 4-10 second to unlag. The lag goes smaller if i keep using the skill or just spam and cancel it. Another thing that makes it freeze is putting something out of the inventory or changing item slots. Only laggs if i switch slots in the small ward backpack. Sometimes it'll freeze forever and i'll have to restart the game. Makes me furious. Fixes I've tried:
  2. [TIPS] [ACTUAL] LAGS \ FREEZES \ LAG SPIKES \ INPUT DELAY PROBLEMS Hello there! First of all sorry for maybe bad english because its not my native language. Glad to see that HoN is still alive and people are moving it forward. Very good. Want just to tell a story to such people as me that spent last two days 10 hours each in a row to find a solution about lags \ freezes and fps drop for myself. As im already playing this game from 2009 year I wanted to share my humble experience with everyone who is interested and who is now looking for answers to their questions After
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