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Found 5 results

  1. Would it be possible to get a little *bloop* when empath's ult effect runs out? When playing empath, I ult my team mate and start looking at other areas of the map. I do not realize I have fallen out of my boosted team mate until it is too late. Can we add a little sound effect to notify empath players when their ultimate runs out. When they fall out of the boosted team mate, the sound alert should let the empath player know it is time to start taking control again.
  2. Empath SOTM: Instead of Empath falling out of whichever hero she is in, it would be awesome if it changed so you are permanently Inside, but at the cost of a increasing mana drain for every couple of seconds over the 30 second limit. something like tapering up to 2.5% of max mana. if you run out of mana then you drop out. Tarot SOTM: Bound by fate attaches to 3 instead of two, increasing chance to lockdown heroes in team fight. Nomad SOTM: Sandstorm radius increased to 600, double its size. Gladiator SOTM: Call to Arms has a Showdown effect allowing to pull back whoever hit by i
  3. The primary point of SOTM for Empath is to have a never-ending ult. Suggestion: Upon gaining SOTM, add a right click toggle to auto-cast As One onto her current target as soon as it expires.
  4. When Empath is using her ultimate, double-tapping an ability item to self cast should instead apply it to her host, if applicable. Quality of life improvement.
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