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Found 2 results

  1. Repertoire of Useful Console Commands - Open up the game console by pressing Ctrl+F8 Quickstart Practice Game Enable in the UI (extremely helpful for people who love Practice Mode). *Requires restarting HoN to take effect *An icon appears in the top bar after restarting HoN: http://i.imgur.com/0Rftyjs.jpg *New UI: List of console commands (in case you forget some of them or if new ones pop up) Enable Advanced Mode in Test+++ (restart of the HoN Client is required): Enable the Ruler function in Practice Mode by rebinding it to a desired hotkey:
  2. HoN Reborn is organizing another tournament! Dont miss the chance to register your team and join us in spectacular clash of the best 8 teams! Remember only one team can dominate and be the champion! Lets see who will take the biggest prize and who is the best Reborn team among you?! If you want to join us and participate use this link: https://www.game.tv/tournaments/HoNR-5v5-FoC-Tournament-Captains-Pick-8-teams-2223-May-2020-1600-CEST--f700dabc32d346d78485cf5be3bc433d DESCRIPTION Welcome to HoNR 5v5 FoC Tournament, Captains Pick, Hosted by Knez&HoNR
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