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  1. Hi all, I've been searching and asking in matches about how to share or staff someone in the match, could you guys enlighten me plz. Thanks in advance.
  2. Empath SOTM: Instead of Empath falling out of whichever hero she is in, it would be awesome if it changed so you are permanently Inside, but at the cost of a increasing mana drain for every couple of seconds over the 30 second limit. something like tapering up to 2.5% of max mana. if you run out of mana then you drop out. Tarot SOTM: Bound by fate attaches to 3 instead of two, increasing chance to lockdown heroes in team fight. Nomad SOTM: Sandstorm radius increased to 600, double its size. Gladiator SOTM: Call to Arms has a Showdown effect allowing to pull back whoever hit by i
  3. So with Saji magmus alt. I found 2 bugs. 1-This one was quite obvious and easy to replicate. Whenever Saji avatar has staff of the master, the ulti sound disappears. If you drop it mid ulti it disappears . If you pick it mid ulti it comes again. Replicated it a million times and always the same results. 2- Probably animation bug or maybe related to the above. When staff of the master is equipped, the ulti does increase in damage and pulses BUT the last pulses/animation of ulti, do not show. i.e the ulti is still damaging and pulses are going off but no animations and
  4. Nomad Edge Counter: Changing damage to Superior Magic Damage, increases the damage done to 350/550/750 and upon hitting at least one enemy hero, resets the cooldown of Nomads abilities except Edge Counter itself.
  5. Forsaken Archer Split Fire: Gives Forsaken Archer a flat 30 Attack Speed. Piercing Arrows: Call of the Damned has a 100% proc chance on every arrow that hits from this ability.
  6. With the new map and only 2 camps on the map para and ophelia's staff recieved quite a nerf, even though it was already very very bad on parasite before it's completely useless now with the 2 ancient camps in total. So maybe they need a rewamp (Especially the parasite one). I like the map changes, but that also changes things for these two staff effects, I unfortunately don't have any ideas for replacing the current ones, but maybe others do.
  7. Blood Hunter has not been touched again since the Staff upgrade. Will he really stay the same as the classic bloodseeker? Even the original one has already evolved into a furious assassin I wanted him to be. At least, do something about his interesting abilities which have so so much potential for our vampire carry. 1. If Blood Hunter smells blood of dying or low health heroes from afar, knowing he already has wings (except Landshark avatar), he gains passive flying through his Blood Sense (E). Unless he is attacked or if the enemy is just 1500 units away, he will stop flying and goes wit
  8. With his current Ball Lighting (Q), Ravenor can easily engage in a fight and dominate in a short amount of time without having to worry about such damage items in his inventory because of the power of his abilities especially his Ultimate. On the other hand, Ember Spirit almost does the same damage output with his AOE abilities but excels the most in engaging and disengaging even at the farthest range. Will the legendary u/ElementUser allow us to have such masterpiece be introduce to HoN in the form of Ravenor? I suggest to give it to him in the form of an SotM upgrade through his: V
  9. ------- 1.) Staff boost on SHARD BLAST (Q) proposal Version 1 - Removes cooldown. Catching Shard Blast (Q) grants full mana recovery while reducing its mana cost to 33% max mana which means 3 shard blasts can be casted simultaneously. Version 2. Same cooldown. Shard Blast now creates 2 Ember Shards to be catched upon hitting an enemy. Two Ember Shards means a very much faster mana regeneration. Version 3. Same cooldown. Upon creating or catching an Ember Shard, Adrenaline gains a 1s cooldown reduction on his ultimate. If ultimate is off cooldown, each ember shard created
  10. Some of these are on my Reddit posts but I want to revise them so I'll write it all anyways. 1. GUNBLADE - "Gunner's" Grappling Hook (R) - boosted - cast range increased to 1000. CD reduced to 15s. Can now target on ground to throw grappling hook on first enemy hero hit. If ability is done this way, grappled enemy will be restrained and not be able to move away from him. While the target is affected by the ability, Gunblade can attack the target even at max range and gains a stackable +10% attack speed for each attack to the target. Click the ability again to go towards the target (even c
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