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Found 3 results

  1. Feel bad for him being the failed version of Snapfire. I was right. I kept on suggesting this until Valve did it for dota2. If you check my old suggestion lists, I was like this: A.) Make LRM (Q) and Mortar Shot (W) mechanic reversible/interchangeable like Mortar Shot being like a barrage (which is now Mortars Kisses of Snapfire) while LRM will be like a one-regular mortar shot fired forward but deals explosion damage on the first target hit or on its destination. But it was overlooked so..anyways.. It's not yet the end for Artillery because I've come up with this wonderful and most
  2. Some of these are on my Reddit posts but I want to revise them so I'll write it all anyways. 1. GUNBLADE - "Gunner's" Grappling Hook (R) - boosted - cast range increased to 1000. CD reduced to 15s. Can now target on ground to throw grappling hook on first enemy hero hit. If ability is done this way, grappled enemy will be restrained and not be able to move away from him. While the target is affected by the ability, Gunblade can attack the target even at max range and gains a stackable +10% attack speed for each attack to the target. Click the ability again to go towards the target (even c
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