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  1. These subforums are for problems that Frostburn Studios need more evidence on before they can be fixed, so make sure to constructively reply to the threads in these subforums to help Frostburn Studios fix these problems! Thank you in advance, - ElementUser
  2. If a thread was recently moved to the Fixed subforum, it means that the change is done (or will be done) in the internal client and will be seen in the next retail patch if it is a gamebreaking/high priority bug (or if not, a few retail patches after). So please don't panic if a thread was moved into the Fixed subforum and then notice that it's not fixed in the current retail patch. If something is actually not fixed in the next retail patch after the time your thread was moved to Fixed, then it would be a good thing to repost the thread. * Exceptions apply for tooltip fixes, us
  3. Hi all, Currently, the vast majority of bugs have been handled appropriately, and the recent bug reports in the last few months have mostly been false positives or cannot be fixed through the current means. As such, the Bug Reports subforum rules are pretty simple to avoid any time wasted: 1 bug per thread only. Always provide basic information (screenshots, server info, Match ID, replication steps, etc.). If a bug is valid & I can fix it, I will leave a comment & fix it. If a bug is valid & I require more information, I will l
  4. Balance Discussion Forum Rules In addition to the standard forum rules, we have very simple rules for the Balance Discussion Forum Rules: Content must be on-topic, constructive and must not harbor any animosity, hostility, or passive-aggressive behaviour/notions towards the staff or game designers. We simply do not have time for any kind of unconstructive negativity. Negativity directed towards the game or not directed at any particular person or group of people is acceptable, and expressing discontent/venting with passion is something we can pick up on and understand
  5. All patch note threads from Patch 4.8.2 & prior have not been retained for these forums. The size limit of a forum post makes posting these more difficult. Instead, I will host & link a plain-text .txt file that will contain all of HoN's Patch Notes prior to 4.8.2. This was taken directly from HoN's change_log_history.txt file from the in-game files. All patch notes content prior for HoN 4.8.2- can be found here on my Github: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ElementUser/Heroes-of-Newerth/master/patch_notes_formatter/HoN 4.8.2- Patch Notes.txt Hope you find this
  6. The new Heroes of Newerth forums The Heroes of Newerth forums have finally received a long overdue makeover. Why a makeover? There were plenty of reasons, some of which are: The old forums were very outdated, and did not offer features a modern platform should be able to The old forums became hard to maintain Key staff members involved in building the forums are no longer working with us The old forums were slow and inefficient The old forums have had some bugs here & there The old forums had tightly coupled integration with t
  7. Welcome to Heroes of Newerth Version - April 14, 2020 == Design == = Hero Balance = Gemini Fire and Ice (Staff of the Master effect changes): - Fire and Ice's "Together in Bright Spirit" subability now place Lightning Form's passive ability on cooldown when the spellcast finishes. - Lightning Form: max Movement Speed granted to Light reduced from 750 to 650. - Light: now suffers a 67% Damage Penalty (i.e. deals 33% Damage) if both Fire & Ice are within 900 radius of Light. _______________________________________________ == Bug Fixe
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