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  1. Hi all, We were recently notified about Gold Coin scammers going around and scamming players. As a general rule, do not purchase Gold Coins from unofficial sources. If you have recently purchased Gold Coins from unofficial sources, we advise you take whatever means necessary to get your money back. The only place where you should purchase Gold Coins are the following: Through the in-game client in the HoN Store On our official website: https://www.heroesofnewerth.com/store/gold - Frostburn Studios
  2. If you are encountering the "No Response from Servers" error, please provide the requested info: Region you queued for console.log file (found in My Documents\Heroes of Newerth\game) Please use an external file hosting website to do this, as console.log files are long & will make this forum thread load slowly on mobile devices Your OS HoN Client architecture (32-Bit or 64-Bit) Also, please ensure that these steps are taken: You have updated your client (run a Repair if you are not sure) Your timestamp on your computer is correct wi
  3. Hi everyone, Most of the server migration process has finished. Matchmaking should be working properly now. You should be able to log in just fine & see others in the chat server as well. The in-game MotD is currently not operational, but we will fix that tomorrow. The in-game payment option for Gold Coins is currently not operational, but you can purchase Gold Coins through our website in the meantime if you need to: https://www.heroesofnewerth.com/store/gold/ Also, our website officially has a proper security certificate! We were able to update the 10-year old server code
  4. Heroes of Newerth (64-Bit) Known Issues Q) I get some missing .DLL Error when starting HoN A) Install VC++ Redis 2019, Download HERE: https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x64.exe This should (most likely) solve your issue, *but* a good thing to note is this is automatically installed when you install HoN (64-Bit) unless you copied the folder to a new PC manually, unticked VC Runtimes during installer, or it simply failed in the background for some unknown reason. Q) My water looks purple occasionally A) Try disabling reflections in the graphic opt
  5. Report A Player News R.A.P Hello, players of Newerth, this thread will be here with the sole purpose of announcing new changes, modification on how the R.A.P system works etc. The Latest modifications made (already in place) Mute part of an active verbal abuse suspension was removed which means the mute is no longer a thing, you will not be muted anymore regardless of the offense. Suspensions for verbal abuse that included a mute, currently: 3-day suspension, then 3-day mute 5-day suspension, then 3-day mute 1-week suspension, then 1-week mute 2-week suspension, then 2-week mute
  6. Plinko Exchange Desk & Specials - Vote for the products in the next patch! Rules Only 1 vote per account. No going onto subaccounts or other accounts to skew your votes, we will know & you will be penalized for doing so. Please make your request as exact as possible to the formal in-game product name. If it is not accurate enough & I can't find it within a reasonable amount of time, I have every right to skip your vote if yours happens to be a winning vote. Certain items are automatically exempt, including (but not limited to):
  7. Most of the people encounter a problem where their inquiry won't go through, that usually appears when/if you don't meet a certain requirement. In order to submit a ticket/inquiry to help desk you must fulfil some requirements or else you will get the red bar error and your ticket will not go through. Here are those 2 requirements: Subject must be minimum 3 characters, max 30 Description min 10 characters
  8. Hi all, I'm requesting feedback from the Mid Wars community regarding implementing Ancients to Mid Wars: 1) Do you want at least 1 Ancients Camp to be in Mid Wars? Why/why not? 2) Do you prefer having 1 Ancients camp where both teams can contest them? Or 2 Ancients camps (1 for each team)? Why/why not? === Adding at least 1 ancients camp adds another option for players who pick Ophelia/Parasite so that they can pick up Staff of the Master & have a unique aura for their team. It also provides both teams something to do during the occasion
  9. Hi all, This subforum will be dedicated to HoN Tournaments that are officially sponsored by Frostburn Studios. So far, our official sponsors include: HoN OMG Game Reborn (previously known as HoN Reborn) You can be sure that several HoN tournaments of all kinds (competitive tournaments & some smaller, casual tournaments) will be hosted every month. We are delighted to work with our sponsors ? Game HoN!
  10. From this thread: If you're having trouble connecting to the chat server just recently (since ~24h before this post was made) and still have trouble connecting when you normally don't have trouble connecting to the chat server, please make a post & mention which country you're in.
  11. Hi all, regarding the short service outage from HoN: It seems like services outside of HoN were affected at around the same time as well & not just a coincidence. Examples: - Steam: https://downdetector.ca/status/steam/map/ - Path of Exile: https://downdetector.com/status/path-of-exile/ - General downtime for services: https://downdetector.com/ In any case, it seems that HoN came back up around the time when other services in the world started to come back up again. I can log into the game just fine now. We'll continue monitoring the situation, of course.
  12. If you encounter the "No Response from Server" error, please provide us the following information so that we can diagnose this issue further: - Server regions you have ticked prior to connecting to a game - Take screenshot of error - Exit the game properly (by using the Exit Game button) and have them send us the console.log file in Documents\Heroes of Newerth\game We appreciate your help for this issue.
  13. The standard Bug Report rules apply here: Intent for this Subforum This forum is here only to allow users to report urgent/critical issues specific to the SEA region. Note that if you do not have a HoN account in the NAEU/International client, you will have to create one to post on these forums. Extra Rules for this Subforum Users can only report Urgent Issues e.g. servers not operational, unable to find matches when queuing in TMM, game-breaking exploits, etc. For server issues, please provide critical info such as Date, Time of th
  14. Hello fellow Newerthians, As you see, the new forums are totally up right now. This thread used to exist in the old forums, so most of you know what's coming, so I'll keep it as simple as possible! In all cases, I'm Watchwalker and together with @Lightwalkerand the rest of the Senior RCT Team, we manage what's called RCT, or Retail/Release Candidate Testers. What we actually do is test the upcoming updates on a side client which is up on a side server called Test (RC) Server, and is obviously different from the regular Heroes of Newerth client. The positive objective of
  15. Thread's Content: What is Griefing? Intentionally feeding AFK Abuse / “Avoiding AFK Detection” / “Illogical Refusal to Participate” Ability/Item Abuse Item destruction Item/courier spamming Chat abuse/verbal abuse Stat manipulation Staff impersonation Why Was My RAP Ticket Unsuccessful? The Rules of Thumb for Successful Reporting Top 5 Reasons Tickets are Marked Innocen
  16. “Not corroborated” has two possible reasons: Your report has successfully pushed the reported player's record on top of the list and, while actions were Indeed, taken against the player, your report was technically closed. --It was not closed in vain; it was closed because it was not reviewed and the player it was against is already serving a suspension. You were the only player who filed a report for that match. The actions reported did not appear to be of any relevance for other players involved in the match, so your report was closed automatically after two hours. --Reports
  17. Hi all, The Mechanics forums are for asking objective questions about how the game & how certain game mechanics work. This subforum is a primarily a domain of mathematics and logic, so keep in that in mind when asking & answering questions. Please keep this in mind & also respect the global forum rules when making a post in these subforums. Remember that there is usually an objectively correct answer, but HoN is still a complex game! You are also free to contribute to the Mechanics forums by writing your own detailed forum thread regarding a particular mecha
  18. Hi all, The Suggestions forums is a place for any & all suggestions related to the game, without much restriction (aside from following the global forum rules). However, just because you can suggest anything does not mean you should suggest literally anything - there are some guidelines that will help your suggestion be more likely to implement. Guidelines To maximize your chances of getting a suggestion implemented, please be considerate of the following guidelines and trends: Simplicity: the simpler the suggestion is, the more likely it will be consider
  19. Hi all, Due to limited resources & most problems being local to the user, we no longer have an official Technical Support service available. For all intents and purposes, HoN is generally considered a stable game for the vast majority of users. It is known that some players experience issues that others do not, and there may be workarounds for those. Generally speaking, this subforum is meant for the community to help each other out on several issues if there is a common group of players that experience certain issues & have found solutions to them.
  20. Hi all, Due to limited resources, we no longer officially support the HoN Clients for Mac & Linux. This means that any OS-specific bug is left to the user to find local workarounds for. If it doesn't work, we cannot help you (though other users who use Mac/Linux on a regular basis may be able to assist you). Despite this, we do still automatically build the Mac & Linux Clients whenever a new patch comes out. The download links can be found below: Retail Mac Download: http://dl.heroesofnewerth.com/installers/mac/HoNClient.dmg Retail Linux Download: http://dl
  21. Hello Newerthians, Welcome to the world of Newerth and the Heroes of Newerth forums! This thread contains the Forum Rules and some general guidelines as to how you use these forums. The rules in this thread apply to all sections of the forum, but some specific rules may be superseded by section specific guidelines. Consult the pinned threads of each subsection for any additional rules that may apply. Adherence to these guidelines shall be determined at the sole discretion of Frostburn Studios Staff and Forum Moderators. Keep in mind that your ability to use the forums is a
  22. Repertoire of Useful Console Commands - Open up the game console by pressing Ctrl+F8 Quickstart Practice Game Enable in the UI (extremely helpful for people who love Practice Mode). *Requires restarting HoN to take effect *An icon appears in the top bar after restarting HoN: http://i.imgur.com/0Rftyjs.jpg *New UI: List of console commands (in case you forget some of them or if new ones pop up) Enable Advanced Mode in Test+++ (restart of the HoN Client is required): Enable the Ruler function in Practice Mode by rebinding it to a desired hotkey:
  23. These subforums are for problems that Frostburn Studios need more evidence on before they can be fixed, so make sure to constructively reply to the threads in these subforums to help Frostburn Studios fix these problems! Thank you in advance, - ElementUser
  24. If a thread was recently moved to the Fixed subforum, it means that the change is done (or will be done) in the internal client and will be seen in the next retail patch if it is a gamebreaking/high priority bug (or if not, a few retail patches after). So please don't panic if a thread was moved into the Fixed subforum and then notice that it's not fixed in the current retail patch. If something is actually not fixed in the next retail patch after the time your thread was moved to Fixed, then it would be a good thing to repost the thread. * Exceptions apply for tooltip fixes, us
  25. Hi all, Currently, the vast majority of bugs have been handled appropriately, and the recent bug reports in the last few months have mostly been false positives or cannot be fixed through the current means. As such, the Bug Reports subforum rules are pretty simple to avoid any time wasted: 1 bug per thread only. Always provide basic information (screenshots, server info, Match ID, replication steps, etc.). If a bug is valid & I can fix it, I will leave a comment & fix it. If a bug is valid & I require more information, I will l
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