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Found 4 results

  1. Greetings HoN Team and Community.Trough the last week I encountered a Problem, that surely some players of the community encountered also.Yes I was banned and it was the right decision from the GM that did it. But as someone that is also involved in “game design” it gave me insight to the "MUTE/RAP-SYSTEM" and to the massively problems that this system have. So lets look at what actually happened.1. I did get a 1-Week ban than a 1-Week mute. Let's split that up from the “game design side”1-Week ban = Hardban : You can not log in because the account is blocked trough a ban command that was give
  2. I really would like to be selected for a position as a GM since I have been very unfortunate to encounter too many trolls in this "my favorite game" game. Once accepted I am sure I will be able to help rid the struggling community to grow once again to the heights it once was and should be once again. One troll at a time one match at a time.
  3. Lock players from ranked with multipul pending reports from Ranked matching after a threshold is reached Limit reports per user to 1 a day and only players on ur team can report, not outside party's or enemy's. After 12 hours the report is removed but still can be reviewed by GMS. If someone is sent to low priority anyone who reported that user regains there report. Low priority forces the user to play a specific amount of unranked public games or midwars it does not expire. thoughts: Bannign system in HoN sucks, players grief team mates knowing they won't be banned fo
  4. Hello boys and girls, This thread right here will inform you guys about R.A.P changes and will also contain some Frequently asked questions and answers!
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